Thursday, February 27, 2014

Read-Aloud Thursday: Missee Lee by Arthur Ransome

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Missee Lee - Exodus Books  

Book Description:
The original cast of the famed Swallows and Amazons series is sailing under the stars and the command of Captain Flint in the South China Sea when Gibbet, their pet monkey, grabs the captain's cigar and drops it in the fuel tank. In minutes, the ship is ablaze (and doomed), and our seven luckless protagonists are adrift in two small boats. They make their way to land, only to find themselves the captives of one of the last remaining pirates operating off the China Coast. But Missee Lee, as it turns out, is no ordinary pirate; her father had sent her off to Cambridge University to prepare her for a life as a teacher. But when her father takes ill and dies, she finds herself struggling to hold together the Three Island Confederation (Tiger, Turtle, and Dragon) he had created, and to be recognized as his legitimate heir and ruler of the Island Kingdom.

My thoughts:
Missee Lee by Arthur Ransome is the 10th book in the Swallows & Amazons Series and boy, it didn't disappoint. It started right off with their ship, Wild Cat, going down and eventually being captured by Chinese pirates.

Chopping off heads was the usual treatment of the Three Island Confederation, but their lives are saved when Roger finds her Latin Dictionary and writes a translation in it. Missee Lee steps in and claims them for herself to be her students. Thus begins an adventure as they all including Captain Flint have to become model students and learn Latin, with Roger as the model student much to the chagrin of everyone else.

Unrest pervades between the other Confederation leaders against Missee Lee until she must decide what to do. Between much suspense and a few surprises they finally make their escape.

My kids absolutely loved this story. It started off with a bang and just kept on going until we were all hanging on to the edge of our seat. Ransome again displays his excellent story telling abilities. Highly recommended!!

Oh-no! I just realized after writing this review we skipped a book. Well, actually I think my kid's plotted against me and jumped ahead since they have been dying to read this story. Thankfully, most of these stories don't have to be read in order. Coming up next will be Book 9 - Big Six

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    1. How funny that you skipped a book! :-) This one does sound like a winner. I'm so glad you linked up!

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