Thursday, June 20, 2013

Read-Aloud Thursday: Pigeon Post by Arthur Ransome

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Pigeon Post - Exodus Books

Book Description:
The crew's on holiday for their sixth adventure, and they turn their energies to mining for gold, aided by pigeon messengers Homer, Sophocles, and Sappho. The adventurers comb the nearby hills for a fabled lost claim, while being shadowed by a mysterious figure they dub "Squashy Hat." Undeterred by drought, sudden brushfires, and the continuing presence of Squashy Hat, the young prospectors persevere in their quest — with surprising results. Full of the dangers and dark adventures of old mines and forgotten claims, Pigeon Post has an irresistible appeal to the persistent explorer in every child.
My thoughts:
Pigeon Post is the sixth book in the Swallows & Amazons Series by Arthur Ransome. True to form this story was a fun and very engaging read.

In this story we meet up with all the chilren, the  Walker's  (Swallows), the Blackett girls (Amazons), and the D's. While on holiday they have great plans to go on a mining expedition to discover gold for Captain Flint who will be arriving soon from his latest travels. They also are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the mysterious Timothy, who they think must be an armadillo, from Captain Flint.

Despite a drought and a the mysterious prospector who they name "Slouchy Hat" they kids are able to set up camp as they prospect for gold. To make everything okay they use messenger pigeons to send an update to Mrs. Blackett to keep her informed daily. They then begin a new adventure that involves espionage, finding water with a forked stick, a cave-in, mining, and the discovery of gold. They also are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Captain Flint and the mysterious Timothy, who they feel must of died at sea.

Great disappointment sets in when their gold turns into dust, but is quickly forgotten when a brush fire starts. Soon everyone is helping to put out the fire including "Slouchy Hat", who they discover trying to jump their claim. The pigeons save the day when one arrives with the message of 'Fire' and they are helped with the arrival of Captain Flint and the fire brigade. Soon everything is put to rights and their mining expedition turn out to be a success when Captain Flint uncovers what they really discovered.

This was such a great read aloud. I think my favorite part was when I had an inkling of what Timothy (the supposed armadillo) was early in the story and my kids didn't. It wasn't until near the end of the book that they figured out what Timothy was. This made it so much fun for me to watch them as it dawned on them.

Again, I highly recommend Pigeon Post along with all the others in the series. We are having so much fun reading through these and have already started the next one, We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea.

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    1. Every time you review one of these books, I think--I REALLY need to read these to my girls. One day I will!

      I don't know what happened to the linky. I hope to have it figured out by next week.

    2. You really make me want to read this series!



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