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The Hidden Art of Homemaking - Prose & Poetry

Chapter 9 - Prose and Poetry
Writing is certainly a medium for communication, as all art forms are. It gives the opportunity for direct communication, for verbalizing thoughts and attitudes, for speaking truth and putting content into expression. p. 136 

Writing--another 'art' form that I struggle with. (If you followed me at all in this series you are probably thinking I either really needed this book or wondering why I even bothered to join up.) I think most of my feeling stem from my school days when I knew I was very inadequate when it came to writing (something that still haunts me as a homeschool mom). When it comes down to it I would rather talk.

Yes, I love to talk. I could talk all day and probably all night. I could sit down and tell you everything I have on my heart. Yes, I may struggle looking for the right word now and then, but for the most part I can be pretty verbose. But give me a pen and paper, or a empty word document, or an empty blog post and I really struggle to put down on paper or screen what I'm really feeling. And with my struggle to put pen to paper for prose, trust me, there isn't any poetry writing going on unless it includes helping my daughter write haiku's for school work!

Thankfully, Mrs. Schaeffer points out that it is okay to just do it just for one person, which makes me feel a lot better about having a blog because that is the exact reason why I started my blog--for myself.

I have always wanted to be a journaler, but every attempt I've made at it has for the most part failed. At times this really frustrates me since it basically leaves my family (or myself) without any kind of record of our lives. Even though I don't record as much as I would like on my blog, it does give a small glimpse into our lives (though a very sanitized one!).

Letter writing is now almost a lost art and is something I have always been terrible about. My husband and I have a box of letters from when we were dating. Most of his are two to three page letters filled front and back. Most of mine are one page long or a card with a little writing and my signature. He gives me a hard time about it, but I just tell him to be happy he even heard from me by a letter. Now our phone calls were a whole other story.

For some reason I do cherish written notes that I have received. I have a box where I have put cards and letters that mean something to me. My mom through out my life has written me special letters which are special to me.  Another special "letter" I cherish is  a very small booklet that my Grandma filled out in her own handwriting telling me about her life growing up.

A page from the booklet my Grandma gave me.

Even though I find writing a struggle I really enjoyed Mrs. Schaeffer's thoughts on presenting one's requests to God in writing, since this is something I do quite a bit. I have found that when I do this I can say exactly what I want to say and it clears my heart and mind of burdens that I have been carrying. When I write out my heart to God I feel I can be brutally honest. Mrs. Schaeffer sums it up so nicely.

Writing for God's eyes alone, with the understanding of His existence, and the realization that He reads it, and the expectancy of His answer, is vertical communication with God.

So writing our pleas, our praise, our prayers--this is not a one-sided communication. . . This is not a psychological gimmick nor a therapeutic exercise, but a relaxed and protected comforting communication with one's Father, Shepherd, Friend, Counsellor and mighty God. p.145
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  1. I am really intrigued by this book. It sounds like something I would enjoy and get benefit from. I'm going to see if my library has it!

  2. I do have old prayer journals but sometimes I find them painful to read and I also sometimes end up throwing out old stuff rather than let my children find them later. I guess I think they seem self-absorbed.

    But I love the page from your grandmother's book. I gave my own grandmother one of those books to fill out but she was not able to complete it.

    I really need my dad to do something like that. He is a storyteller.

    1. Many times when I write out prayers that I share many frustrations I tend to destroy them when I finish, because like you said they are probably very self-absorbed and not worth re-reading. I think destroying my 'prayers' is part of the process of clearing the heart and mind.

  3. Well, for the record, I think you're quite a good writer! You communicate what you intend to say.

    I, too, enjoyed this chapter. I don't write nearly as much as I used to. Sigh.

  4. Writing is hard work, no doubt about it! But it is usually worth the effort.

    I love that you have this gift from your grandmother...priceless!

  5. I'm running late with this chapter due to company, but definitely didn't wan to miss this chapter.

    What a treasure from your grandmother! I wish I'd had my grandmothers. mother, and mother-in-law do something like that.



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