Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Hidden Art of Homemaking - Flower Arrangements

Chapter 7 - Flower Arrangements

I'm a little late, but here are my thoughts on Chapter 7 which made me laugh when I read the title of this chapter since arranging flowers, either artificial or real, completely escapes me. Thankfully, this isn't all Mrs. Schaeffer is talking about here.

I feel very strongly that this modern fear of the home becoming non-existent can be countered only if those of us who want to be sure our little spot is really a home take very practical measure to be sure that it is just that, and not a collection of furniture sitting in some sort of enclosure being protected from wind and storm. Of course, human relationships make a house into a home: either the relationships within the house, or the welcome and understanding that guests find. Human relationships depend upon communication.

But this communication takes time. It is also helped by atmosphere, and the atmosphere is helped by the 'things' which are arranged with love and with an expression of creativity in a visible form. p. 99

I would say I have at times tried create an atmosphere either with flowers or arranging a side table with books laid out in a pleasing arrangement. I am better about doing this when I know guests are coming over or my parents are coming to stay, but unfortunately I usually ignore doing this since it can seem overwhelming with life happening in our house.

I was challenged by this chapter to be more intentional in producing small spots of beauty for my family. As Mrs. Schaeffer puts it:
The only way to start, is to start. p.111
Here is the perfect place to start!
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  1. I haven't read this chapter yet, but I confess that I'm not good at creating a beautiful or pleasing atmosphere. I definitely need work in this area!



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