Thursday, October 24, 2013

Read-Aloud Thursday: We Didn't Mean to Go To Sea by Arthur Ransome

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We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea - Exodus Books
Book Description:
In this seventh adventure (following Pigeon Post, winner of the Carnegie Medal), the Walker family has come to Harwich to wait for Commander Walker's return. As usual, the children can't stay away from boats, and this time they meet young Jim Brading, skipper of the well-found sloop Goblin. But fun turns to high drama when the anchor drags, and the four young sailors find themselves drifting out to sea—sweeping across to Holland in the midst of a full gale! As in all of Ransome's books, the emphasis is on self-reliance, courage, and resourcefulness. We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea is a story to warm any mariner's heart. Full of nautical lore and adventure, it will appeal to young armchair sailors and seasoned sailors alike.
My thoughts:
We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea is the seventh book in the Swallows and Amazons Series. Just when you possibly think that another book in this series can be as exciting as the other books, Arthur Ransome does exactly that!

In We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea we meet up with the Walker children (the Swallows) who are waiting for their father to come into port. While waiting they talk their mother into let them sail in the Harwich Harbour with Jim Brading, a new friend. They make a stop for petrol and the Walker kids wait for Jim Brading to return. While waiting a fog rolls in and the tide rises, which sets their ship loose from it's moorings. Thus begins an adventure that send their little ship out to sea.

The Walker children are tested as they navigate through rocky area and around buoys. Also, a big storm hits which makes gives the girls sea sickness and makes it impossible to turn around. Eventually they sight land and make a surprising discovery which eases their fears and gives them an exciting adventure.

This story kept my kid's waiting in anticipation for what was going to happen next. We kept having to read just one more chapter!! Again, this was a winner for us and highly recommended!

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    1. My 8 year old has been devouring these books lately. It's great when a good author writes a series!



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