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KinderBach:Piano for Young Children (TOS Review)

Kinderbach Review
During the he last few weeks Delani and I have been having fun discovering  music with the piano from KinderBach which I received for review .

Kinderbach Review
I received The KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner. The KinderBach Online Piano Lessons are the children ages 3-7. A year membership that includes access to six levels of music education that includes videos and downloadable coloring pages.
Kinderbach Review
These lessons focus on six areas of music development:
  • Listening skills (ear)
  • Note Reading (sight)
  • Rhythm
  • Hand Position or Technique (playing the piano)
  • Singing
  • Composition
Kinderbach Review

Teacher's Corner includes:
Lesson plan book, Teacher Aid book
Teacher's Guide
Audio MP3s
Student Book
Goal Book and Level Certificate (Level 1 only right now).

Delani is 5 and she was very excited to have her own piano lessons since her big sister takes them. We mainly used the browser on the iPad to watch the videos. This was nice since we could sit at the table and watch or if she was going to play the piano she could take it over to the piano and do her lesson. She liked having control of this and many days she would watch more than one lesson.

KB Review
I printed off the worksheets for her, but many times she wasn't interested in them. She figured out that the video worked through them and so she would answer the questions while watching the video. She enjoyed the projects more than just the color worksheets.

For her rhythm instrument she used an empty juice bottle. She would use a pen or marker to hit the side while tapping out a song or note rhythms. Keeping rhythm was challenging to her.

KinderBach does approach learning music very differently than traditional piano lessons and I think this is where I had a hard time wrapping my mind around it. Though musical term are taught with the correct names they are also associated with a special character. I think this could hinder a child if they switched from KinderBach to a more traditional piano lessons unless the teacher knew KinderBach's terminology.

Throughout the different videos the same screen shot is used for different concepts taught. While I understand the reasoning behind this for some reason it really annoyed Delani. I heard her repeat more than once, "I've already done this!" She also struggled with playing the piano since she had a hard time pushing down on the piano keys. A keyboard would have been better option for her for the beginning part.

These were small frustrations for Delani and I noticed she would avoid wanting to watch the lessons. Many times I sat down at the piano and play the lesson with her to help her over these frustrations. That helped and pretty soon she would want to continue with the lessons.

While not like traditional piano lessons, KinderBach does provide a good introduction to music education for young children. If you are wanting to start piano lessons or to just introduce your child to music KinderBach  provides a lot of learning and fun for the price.

For a limited time they are offering a year membership to The KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner for $95.88. That comes to just $7.99 a month.

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