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5 Days of Great Kid's Books - Swallows and Amazons Series & Giveaway!!!

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Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons series consists of  12 books that filled with boats, sailing, islands, fishing, and camping. The first book, Swallows and Amazons, starts the adventure with the Walker children--John, Susan, Titty, and Roger, and the Blackett children--Nancy and Peggy. They spend their vacation sailing their boats, Swallow and Amazon, and experiencing many adventures including being pirates, Robinson Crusoe, fighting the evil Captain Flint, finding treasure, and camping out on a little island.
Each book continues the story set in a different place and some of the books introduce new characters. But all the books include sailing (or wishing they were), camping out, adventures, and just plain fun. These kids have awesome imaginations and use them to their fullest.
We have read the first six and have started the seventh book.  Even though sailing and having adventures seems to be the main theme the author does a great job of switching it up so it is a new story every time. There are a lot of nautical terms included in the stories, but that hasn't deterred us from reading them. We just pretend what we know what author is talking about and keep reading. My kids have loved every book we have read so far and always beg for more. Arthur Ransome truly writes to children.
If your children love books with lots of adventure I highly recommend these stories!
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  1. Great giveaway!! I love ALL kinds of kids books. WE love classics & books that teach the most.

  2. Favorite children's book? Oh, that is difficult. I love so many. Anne, Black Beauty, Little Princess, Railway Children, Narnia....

    I have never read the Swallows and Amazon.



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