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The Hidden Art of Homemaking - Clothing (Or the 'Hidden Art' of Sewing)

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The Hidden Art of Homemaking - Chapter 12

I entered this this jumper I made into the County Fair and won
Best in Division and Best of Show.

This chapter Mrs. Schaeffer talks about creativity in our clothing and covers quite a multitude of topics that could leave me writing for days and could even get quite controversial, so I am just going to talk about a few things.

"Is it not important that a Christian represent in his clothes, the One in whose image he is made?...Is there any reason why a child of the One who designed, created, brought forth and clothed the flowers should set out to look ugly and drab? Are we representing Him by being unattractive?" p. 186

Many years ago I realized I had some outfits in my closet that just had to go. They were only good for maybe painting, and since I don't paint there wasn't any point in owning them. I begin to take more care with the clothes that I brought into my house and to honestly ask myself if it was something I really loved or not. If not, then I didn't bring it home.

I have became more secure in "my" style rather than what the latest fashion is. I am a shirt & skirt kind of girl.  When I layer something it is usually only a sweater and that means it is winter. Also, during the winter I rely heavily on tights to keep my legs warm, but always with cute shoes.

Another thing that we do in our house is that on Sundays the kids dress up for church. I know there isn't Scripture for it, but we are trying to instill in our children a respect for God and His house. Call it old fashioned, but it hasn't hurt my kids one bit. In fact, they love to dress up for church.

All dressed up for church. Skirts made my mom., in this area of clothing, some people have their 'hidden talent', their 'hidden art' which should be expressed and fulfilled. Some people have an ability for designing, cutting, sewing, tailoring, fitting, doing handwork, embroidering, knitting and crocheting, as well as weaving cloth in the first place! - p. 187-188

Creativity, beauty and aesthetic taste are all employed in her own dressing and in the clothing of her family. p.191

The finished products give satisfaction too, both in the sheer fulfillment of accomplishment, and in the usefulness of the finished garment. p. 191-192
Mrs. Schaeffer lists a long lists of 'hidden talents' of which I can only do a few, but these are ones that I really enjoy doing. I love to sew skirts and dresses for my daughters. While others are cooking up a storm in the kitchen I would much rather be in the sewing room making something. My girls are always excited when they know the mom is making them something.  So here is just a small sampling of my creativity in this area and something I truly love to do.
PicMonkey Collage
Different skirts I've made for my girls over the last couple of years.
My latest creation.

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  1. What a fine seamstress you are!!

    When my girls were very young, I enjoyed making T-shirt dresses for them.

  2. I absolutely love your latest creation! I never got past sewing one dress :( but I love the idea of sewing.

  3. Darling clothes. It's been a long time since I sewed a dress for one of my girls. Before long you'll have your girls sewing along with you, and maybe in ten years or so they'll be making things for you!

  4. I'm impressed! Beautiful, beautiful work! (How I wish I could sew!)

  5. I love the skirts that you have created for your girls. No wonder they get excited when you're in the sewing room! And that last creation...absolutely gorgeous! I can imagine that at any fashionable children's shop! Great job!

  6. Beth, this is really wonderful -- what a gift! Those skirts are adorable, and I love the colors you choose. No wonder your girls are excited when you sit down at the sewing machine. Great post!

  7. such sweet creations :) I'm a shirt and skirt girl, too. It's what I wear mostly. And is I do ask our whole family to 'dress' for Sunday. My adult children still do. It makes the day more special.
    Your sewing projects inspire me - gotta get back to my sewing machine!



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