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The Hidden Art of Homemaking - Creative Recreation

The Hidden Art of Homemaking - Chapter 11

So what is creative recreation? Mrs. Schaeffer says it can be thought of in two ways:
Firstly, it is recreation which produces creative results, stimulates creativity, refreshes one's ideas and stirs one to 'produce'. Secondly, it is recreation which is the result of original ideas, creative because someone has creatively planned an evening, a day, an occupation which in itself is fresh and different. p. 165 

Here was one of our attempts at Nature Study.

I honestly didn't get very excited about this chapter since I really fail when it comes to being in nature. I do implement many of Charlotte Masons methods in our home school, but nature study is one that I just can't get excited about. I have tried to do nature study, but it seems that the weather (in other words--rain, rain, and more rain), my allergies, and having to go to nature just seem to work against us. My biggest success in nature study has been study birds through our back window which doesn't require us to go outside.

California Redwoods
Even though we aren't very good about enjoying nature we do occasionally plan a trip and try to go to a nearby by park and enjoy nature. Last year our family and along with my Mom and Dad went down to see the California Redwoods and then drove back home along the Oregon Coast. We have really enjoyed these times together.

Silver Falls--just a 30 minute drive from our house.

Since I obviously fail and one form of Creative Recreation you would think I could excel at the other, but that doesn't happen either or as least not quite in the way that it was displayed in Mrs. Schaeffer's home.

I try to encourage my kids to find creative things to do. The boys love building with Legos (yes, even the 17 year old) and my 11 year old son likes to build elaborate battles with his army men. My oldest daughter will make cards, and the youngest is always for being creative (or making a mess) anywhere whether it be toys or paper. Other times they may be working diligently making lists in notebooks. My boys especially like to make their own football team rosters or write down all kind of stats.

Caleb's built these Lego ships to represent the ships at Pearl Harbor.

I really feel that being outdoors or having creative evenings isn't the whole message she is trying to impress on the reader. As Mrs. Schaeffer points out:
Some sort of relaxation is needed by everyone, that seems clear. Certainly, then, part of that relaxation should equip and prepare us to be more creative in our work and lives; and part of it ought to be the result of creative ideas which are growing and multiplying all the time. p.179
I think it comes down to stepping away from life's demands. Find something that relaxes you so that you are renewed and strengthened in your creative efforts. This chapter has challenged me in a good way. Get out in nature or find something that is relaxing--not an easy thing to do, but oh, so necessary! More from this series:
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  1. I'm not much of a nature person, either, Beth.
    Being outdoors actually stresses me more than relaxes me. Weird, I know.
    In your last paragraph you said "Find something that relaxes you so that you are renewed and strengthened . . ." - YES! that's it!

  2. I am surprised that so many have said that they find nature stressful during this week's discussion but it has been good to see that we are all different and of course, you should do what is relaxing for you and not someone else :)

  3. Love those photos, those Redwoods are just incredible. I hope someday to make it to the West Coast and see them for myself!



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