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What's On Your Nightstand - February

What's On Your Nightstand
This last month I surprised myself on how many books I read. Several were book I had started a couple of months ago and read through slowly and it just so happened they all were finished in the last little bit. Looking at what I read I decided that this month I may need to read less and write more reviews since I am very much behind in that department. So here is my Nightstand for March:

From my January nightstand:
  • Peter Duck: A Treasure Hunt in the Caribbees (Godine Storyteller) by Arthur Ransome (review)
  • The Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen - Right before I picked this up to read I read an review that said it was predictable. That made me hesitant to read it, but since I didn't have much else to read I gave it a shot. When it first starts it has some very Jane Eyre-like qualities to it, but eventually the story does stand on it's own in a unique way. I didn't love it and I didn't hate it.
  • Holy Intimacy by Lori Wagner - A book about the Tabernacle and our relationship with Christ. I have heard the author speak and much preferred that to her writing.
  • Together: Growing Appetites for God by Carrie Ward - This was an encouraging read. I will be doing a more in depth review soon.

I also read:

I listened to:
  • Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery - After reading Anne of Green Gables last month I couldn't stop and had to continue on. This book has some great "Anne" moments--her friendship with Mr. Harrison due to selling Dolly the cow, Davy and all of his crazy antics, Miss Lavender finding true love, her friendship with Gilbert, and so much more!
  • Death in the Clouds: A Hercule Poirot Mystery by Agatha Christie - Poirot ends up solving a crime on an airplane. Unfortunately, I knew who the killer was right off the bat since I remembered this episode that the kids had watched when they brought home one of the Poirot films from the library.

I didn't read:

See what others have read over at 5 Minutes for Books.


  1. My, that's a lot of books! I had to laugh on your comment about highlighting on your Kindle. I am the same way! I would never highlight in a "real" book, but it's so free and easy with the kindle. The other day I found myself touching a paper book with my finger, trying to highlight :) I love Agatha Christie but have read just a couple. I should pick up some of these ...

  2. Wow! :). Your posts always make me want to sit and read all day.

    I'm the same way about Pinterest. I got that free book, too, and i know Pinterest is THE thing for blogging to increase readership, but I haven't the self-discipline to not let it become yet another time drain.

    I need to start reading some of the books I've gotten lately on my Kindle.

    I predict that you'll love Emily if Deep Valley!

  3. Wow! You read a lot! My month was pretty sad in the reading department. Love your list! I enjoyed "The Tutor's Daughter" too, but it wasn't my very favorite of hers. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on "Desperate"!

  4. I think the Mary Russell one that you read was the second in the series? I might be very wrong about that. If memory is serving me at all, that's also the title I stopped on for the same reasons. (I sort of liked the first but I was lost by the second.)

    You DID read a lot!

    And I will wait for your thoughts on Desperate. I have my eye on that title and people's reviews of it.

  5. You got a lot read for a short month!

    I had not heard of the Irish Country books -- they sound interesting.

    Had to smile at your last paragraph. :-) Yep, some books don't deserve much perusal beyond that.

    I hadn't heard of the Pinterest book -- will have to check it out.

  6. Wow! I wish I could say I've read that much! I've had a huge stack of books (and ebooks) waiting for me. I think I've now been inspired to make time for them!

    Your comments on the one book you didn't read cracked me up. "After a big snort of disgust..." Love it!

  7. Looks as if you found some great reads. I think I need to check a few of these out. I need a good book for the evenings.

  8. I'll echo the other comments - you DID read a lot! The Irish Country books sound fun. Happy reading!


  9. I guess I need less computer time, and more reading time! ;-) I certainly have a LOT to choose from on my Kindle!

  10. Wow, that is a lot of books! I started reading the Anne books a couple of years ago and have become obsessed, they are soooo good!

  11. All I can say is "wow". My list is usually full of non fiction, except what I read with my children. My almost 13yo daughter wants to read the Anne series. She'll probably start it this summer. Thanks for sharing.



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