Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Extremely Late Homeschool Mother's Journal

I am incredibly late in getting a weekly update posted. I could skip, but this is kind of a reference for me so I wanted to make sure I had something down for the last week.  We have been extremely busy and life has turned a little topsy turvy. I don't know when it will settle down, but I am trying to keep my head above water while keeping school going, housework up, and dinners on the table, the last of which I'm failing miserably! So here is what happened last week in the Starr house.
1. Delani's new church dress.
2. We went to a friend's house on Friday. Ruth has helped us in the past with writing and we headed over there to get more input that was desperately needed.
4. Chantry started Rod & Staff's Sound and Structure 3rd grade book. We are taking a break from The Logic of English. So far this has been a wonderful, time freeing change for the both of us.
5. A lot of Uno and Rook being played around here.
6. Cooking ground beef in the crock-pot. I found this idea on Pinterest.

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