Friday, March 1, 2013

Clothing Remodel: Jumper into a Skirt

I found several of these jumpers on clearance at The Children's Place. I wasn't really crazy about the jumper, but I loved all the ruffles on the skirt. Another thing I didn't like was that the size 5/6 was almost too short on her. I meandered around the story for awhile trying to rack my brain what I could do with the jumpers, especially since they were sale for around $4 a piece. Finally, it hit me that if I cut off right at the top of the underarms that I could sew it down, run a piece of elastic through it and voil√† I would have a skirt.

When I brought them home Delani wanted it as a jumper and I let her wear one of them. I finally got around to trying my idea and thankfully it work. When Delani saw it as a skirt she quickly brought back the one she had worn and told me she wanted that made into a skirt, too. It didn't take much time. I spent more work ripping out a small part of the side seams where a tie belt was sewn in than in putting in casing for the elastic.  I completed a black and gray skirts and have a navy and hot pink ones to finish. The best part is that Delani loves her new skirts and they look too stinking cute!

Showing off her gray skirt.

Great for twirling!!!



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