Monday, January 21, 2013

What's On Your Nightstand - January

What's On Your Nightstand
February's Nightstand:

From my December post I read:
I am currently reading:
  • The Swiss Family Robinson - I had this on January's nightstand, but read so many other books that I didn't start this one early enough to get it finished for this month's nightstand.
I also read:
I listened to:

See what others have read over at 5 Minutes for Books.


  1. The royal mystery intrigues me -- historical fiction (since I love all things royal)? The Edward/Wallis Simpson call-outs would interest me as well :)

  2. The book covers alone look so inviting! "Holy Intimacy" really caught my eye.

    Glad you picked up "Creating Space" while it was free. I enjoyed it as a pick-me-up to remember the value in creating.

    Happy reading!

  3. Lots of murder mysteries in here! The one that caught my eye is Wedded to War, I love that type of historical fiction. Happy reading!


  4. Ooh, something with Holmes. I need something to tide me over until they start filming the next season of Sherlock. ;)

    Happy reading!

  5. Per usual I'm not sure where to START commenting (and I have to run off and follow some links!).

    I just read my first Charles Todd book (and liked it) and so I'm intrigued by this Christmas story. I'm starting to see his name pop up "randomly" more and more.

    Off to read some of your reviews now!

  6. Ooh, with an 8 1/2 year old son, I might check out that Deanna Gresh book.

  7. As always, I am so impressed by the volume of your reading! Reading your posts always makes me want to pick up a mystery. I tried listening to Swiss Family Robinson this month (one of the free audiobooks from LibriVox), but I just couldn't find the time to do it.

    I'm eager to read your review of the Gresh book.

  8. Someday you're going to finally convince me to get off my duff and read some Agatha Christie. You always have so many interesting titles--so many mysteries this month!

  9. Great list!! I read and enjoyed The Tutor's Daughter in December. And Swiss Family Robinson...I loved that book as a child, but haven't read it in years! I need to read it to my kids!!



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