Monday, October 15, 2012

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: Picture Edition

Here are a few highlights from our week. We also had a full week of schooling which I did not capture.

1. I made a candy bar cake for my nephew's 16th birthday.
2. Caleb doing and activity from Family Time Fitness that we use for P.E.
3. Cutting out fabric for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge I signed up to do.
4. Sewing.
5. Destini starting a cross-stitch project. Our friend Sarah is instructing her in the way of cross-stitching.
6. We ended the week with a fun night. The boys went to a football game with their Dad and grandparents. Their papa was being honored for winning the championship game 50 years ago. The girls and I stayed home, sewed, entertained friends, started watching Wives and Daughters, and enjoyed pumpkin cookies and German Chocolate Upside Down Cake.

Check out my final projects for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge here.

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