Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kids Clothes Week Challenge Finale

Delani's Corduroy Skirt 2Destini's Corduroy Skirt 1
Delani's Corduroy Skirt 1Destini's Corduroy Skirt 2
Last week on a spur of a moment whim I signed up to do the KCWC Fall 2012 Challenge hosted at I had some corduroy fabric that I had bought last spring to make skirts for the girls this fall. Also, I had just been shopping at JoAnn's and brought home more fabric that I had got for a great price. So you see I really needed to sew. My biggest problem is always finding the time and in the past I don't ever find the time until Christmas break, of course by then they don't have the whole season to enjoy the skirts.

I was able to find time to sew everyday, except for Tuesday. I think I did sew a few seams on Tuesday, but by the time the kid's were done with their school work I needed to head out the door to work. I had two evenings I was able to sew more than an hour which helped immensley in getting two skirts a piece for Destini and Delani.

So here are the finished skirts.

KCWC Skirt Collage

The first three were made with from the Butterfly Kisses Olivia Skirt Pattern pattern. The last skirt (polka dots) was made from  Simplicity 4669 pattern. I did lengthen Destini's skirts.

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