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Time for Sewing - February

Time for Sewing

I have trying to be intentional in making time to sew. I was successful in January and February also turned out to be a great month for sewing. Thanks to our snowstorm we experienced two weeks ago I ended up having quite a bit of time to sew. This month I not only sewed up fabric from my stash, but I re-made and fixed a few things that have been sitting by my sewing machine for far too long! In this very lengthy post I am sharing the results.

Delani's "Valentine's" Skirt:
Sewing Time skirt 1 

 I made this skirt for Delani and actually used fabric from my stash that I had originally bought years ago to make a skirt for Destini. Yeah, I've had it that long!! The Tween & Teen Flared Skirt PDF pattern is from I love the look of this skirt, but the fit is a little off. I got to thinking that maybe I'm not printing the pattern off correctly so next time I am going to be paying attention to that.

Summer skirt for Delani:
Sewing Time skirt 2 
I started this skirt last summer and had got to gathering the skirt and attaching it to the top of the skirt when I bought a new sewing machine. Needless to say it sat on my sewing table gathering dust until this month. It is very springy so Delani will have to wait a month or two to add to her wardrobe. This skirt is the Bridget Skirt Sewing Card from Valori Wells Designs

bridget skirt pattern by valori wells

The Mary Engelbreit Skirts:
Sewing Time skirts 4
Destini (left) & Delani (right)

In 2011 my mom gave me the black and pink pieces of Mary Engelbreit fabric to make one of my girls, who were 11 & 3, a skirt. Later I found another black piece on clearance and made both girls a skirt. This skirt turned out to be Destini's favorite skirt. She has worn it so much now it is very soft and doesn't need ironing anymore. When we look at pictures taken over the last few years more than half  of them have her wearing this skirt. It is our big joke that it is the only skirt she owns. 

 Last year my mom found more of the black fabric in her stash and sent it out. I still had the pink fabric and the cherry fabric was still available at JoAnn's. My intention was to make the skirts last summer, but that didn't happen. This month I sat down and made both skirts for the girls who are now 14 & 5. I used my favorite pattern, Butterfly Kisses Olivia Skirt Pattern.

I did make adjustments to add the pink strip above the bottom band. Destini is too big for the pattern so I just added to the measurements in 1/4" increments. When I finished it the first time it was a tad long, so I took off the bottom band, cut off some of the pink fabric, and sewed the bottom band back on. Now it only needs washed 100 more times to get to the softness of her first skirt and we have another bunch of years of looking at her in the same skirt!

Sewing Time skirt 3

I bought these jumpers (plus a pile more) last year for a great clearance price last year. Last March I turned two into skirts, but never got around to the other two I had. During the storm I sat down and cut of the tops of the jumper, sewed the elastic around the top, tacked it down, and viola--new skirts!

Sewing Time Skirt 5 
I found this skirt at Goodwill for Destini, but it was too big in the waist. The ruffles made it impossible to take it in along the side seam, so I just settled on sewing a piece of elastic from one side of the zipper to the other. From the front it doesn't look the nicest, but her shirt covers it and it does hand nicely on her. She loves it. I consider this month a great month in the sewing department.

I'm not sure what next month will bring. Destini will be making a quilt for student convention and it will probably be the main focus. Here is a glimpse of what is to come:

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  1. Wow! I am so impressed. I wish I could sew or had the patience to apply what I do know about it.

    I love the ME fabric, too!

  2. Looks like you had a great sewing month. I absolutely love the jumper turned skirt! I would love to find some jumpers like that for my oldest because she is so hard to find clothes that fit her and that is exactly the type of skirt she loves. Thanks for sharing! - Lori

  3. I love the skirts. The ME skirts are just cute. I love the photos of your girls in them. My daughter wears a Hello Kitty skirt that I made all the time.

  4. you have been busy, and they look great.



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