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Reading Journal: October - December 2019

Reading Journal 


  • Building Her House: Commonsensical Wisdom for Christian Women by Nancy Wilson (audio) - Uplifting essays encouraging women as they build their house. I definitely want to re-read this but in book form.
  • Doctrines of the Bible edited by J.M. Hall - I read aloud and recorded it to help my kids with a Bible class they are taking.
  • An Experiment in Criticism by C. S. Lewis - I read this along with The Literary Life Podcast. Lewis can really leave me groping for meaning. I'm thankful for the podcast to help my poor little brain.
  • Homeschool Bravely: How to Squash Doubt, Trust God, and Teach Your Child with Confidence by Jamie Erickson - THIS BOOK!!! If you are a homeschool mom, drop what you're doing and go and buy this book. Such an encouraging read. This book isn't about a certain method of homeschooling but speaks more to doubts that every homeschool mom fights as she teaches her kids. Highly recommended!!
  • Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess by Stacey Thacker & Brooke McGlothlin - I had this book in my Kindle and since I enjoyed another book by Brooke McGlothlin I thought I would check it out. An average read.
  • Placemaker: Cultivating Places of Comfort, Beauty, and Peace by Christie Purifoy (audio) - This was an okay read--for me. I think this book will speak to other personalities differently so don't resist reading it if it is speaking to you. Emily P. Freeman recommended it so there is that!
  • In this Mountain by Jan Karon - Mitford series--what more do I need to say! 
  • The Odyssey by Homer, Emily Wilson translator - I read this along with the Close Reads Podcast. This was my first dive into The Odyssey. Since I have never read any other translations I can't really compare the translators, but there were parts that just felt odd or maybe too modern. I read the KJV Bible most of the time so on times that I read another translations I sometimes come across a passage that doesn't seem right and that makes me go look it up in the KJV. This is how this felt in this book. I will probably attempt another translator to see what I think, but it will be someday in the future.
  • The Vanderbeeker's and the Hidden Garden by Karina Yan Glaser - The second book in the Vanderbeeker's Series. I know many people rave over them. I think they are good, but not great.
  • Way of the Warrior Kid: From Wimpy Warrior the Navy Seal Way by Jocko Willink - The only way I know how to describe this book is a kids self-help book in story form. An interesting read.
  • Wicked Autumn by G.M. Malliet - I'm always on the lookout for a new series, but this won't be it. 


  • Rhythms of Renewal: Trading Stress and Anxiety for a Life of Peace and Purpose by Rebekah Lyons - There were a few good thoughts in this book. Another book I would like to revisit one day.
  • The Bookshop by Penelope Fitzgerald - Don't bother picking this book up. The most disappointing ending that leaves me wondering why the author even wrote the book. Pitiful. (Once I got a drift of where the story was going I skimmed to the end.)
  • The Confession of Brother Haluin by Ellis Peters - Another Brother Cadfael story. I picked this story up and started reading and thought I didn't know if I could handle what was going to happen to the main character. After returning the book to the library and rechecking it out I finally dived it only to find out it was a pretty good read.
  • The Vanderbeekers to the Rescue by Karina Yan Glaser - The last book in the Vandebeeker's series. Good not great.
  • The Watson's Go to Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis (audio) - I've had this on my radar for awhile and finally got around to it. A good little read.


  • Introverted Mom: Your Guide to More Calm, Less Guilt, and Quiet Joy by Jamie C. Martin (audio) - This book has high recommendations even by people who aren't introverted so I decided to give it a listen. I have a big opinion about introverts and extroverts that I'll spare you from, but I do think there are some things (especially as a mom) that are very much the same no matter which one you identify with. I do thing the biggest difference is how introverts and extroverts recharge which this book reminded me that daughter does not recharge like I do. In case you're wondering I do not recharge like an introvert!!
  • Bookends - Lizz Curtis Higgs - An okay read. I know I read this years and years ago.
  • Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink - I read this aloud to my 11 year old daughter and even though I listened to it years ago I realized I didn't remember everything about the story and there was one point I started crying. If you have kids read it aloud to them if you don't then just read it to yourself. You won't be disappointed.
  • The Christmas Hirelings by Mary Elizabeth Brandon (audio) - This was a free book I got on Audible. Even though the story was predictable I thought it was a sweet little story.
  • Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (audio) - I hadn't read an Alcott book in a while and decided with the new film coming out I would revisit it. This book gets better every time I read it. Five stars!
  • The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis (audio) - I listened to the series a few years ago, but for some reason  I never got to this book. Probably not my favorite, but the ending makes it better.
  • Northanger Abbey by Jane Austin (audio) - A re-read from years ago and also it was the book for The Literary Life podcast. An enjoyable read.
  • The Rector of Justin by Louis Auchincloss - I read this along with the Close Reads Podcast. An interesting read with an odd ending. I hate odd endings. I want nice, tidy, happy endings.


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