Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Time for Sewing - January

Time for Sewing

One of my goals this year is to give more time to my sewing. I have been able to find a little time this month and was able to two skirts for Delani and also an apron as a belated Christmas present for my SIL. Here are my final products:

Sewing January
1. Apron - I used See & Sew B5125 to make this. This is not a pattern I will probably make any time soon, though now that I've made it I have a much better idea of what not to do! The utensil fabric is I bought purposely for my SIL, but it has sat in my drawer for over a year. The polka dot is a piece I bought just because you can always use polka dots and it ended up matching really well.
2. Skirt 1 - This is made with my go-to skirt pattern for my girls, Butterfly Kisses Olivia Skirt Pattern. The fabric is Heidi Grace from Joann's. I am not a big fan of JoAnn's cotton fabrics, but I really like these prints. I wish on this skirt I had made the middle section from the blue floral and put the pink band on the bottom, but I had already bought the fabric to make the skirt the way it is made and so it had to remain that way.
3. Skirt 2 - This is a corduroy skirt. Again the fabric is from JoAnn's. I found the top piece on clearance a few months ago and could not pass it up. (I have a closet full of fabric, but you don't pass up corduroy at $3 a yard!) My main thought was that I was going to just keep the fabric until I decided exactly what I wanted to make from it. After Christmas I went in and found the bottom piece of the skirt on the clearance rack. It was from the same line as the top piece so that clinched the deal for making this skirt. I still have more of the top piece that I may make something for Destini, but that is yet to be determined.
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  1. Beth,

    I like the apron and the fabric is quite appropriate. I had to laugh at your polka-dot statement. People who sew have the most unique way of creating logic for the purpose of purchasing a piece of material. Hey, it sounds good to me.

    I love the skirts for your girls. I have not been able to find a pattern for a skirt that I really love for my daughter and I like the fullness of the ones you made. I know that I could just sew seams together and go, but I want a pattern. I'm weird like that.

    I understand about the corduroy too. I live in an area that gets cold weather and for some reason corduroy is hard to find. When I lived in California, it was never a problem. Go figure.

    I wasn't able to see the picture of the corduroy skirt that you made, but I'm sure that it turned out nicely.

    I'm glad that you joined Sewing to Summer and am looking forward to what you'll make next month. I'm thinking of making some skirts too.

  2. I absolutely adore the fabric on the apron and you did a great job sewing it all together. I know exactly what you mean about the next time around knowing what not to do in a pattern. I wish there were a way to know all that ahead of time!

    I love the fabrics in the skirts. My girls would really enjoy those skirts. They are skirts girls all the way, even when it is very cold. Of course, in Texas, that doesn't last for too long.

    Thanks for sharing. - Lori



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