Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My One Word for 2014

One Word

While thinking of a word to focus on for 2014 every idea I kept coming up with could be summed up in the word "time"--a word I don't really care for.  So why focus on it, you may ask?

This year I want to focus on two different aspects of time. The first is using my time wisely. My oldest recently turned 18 years old and it really drove it home for me how quickly time passes. I have struggled the last few years trying to use the time I have been given efficiently and feel that I can really improve in this area.

I want to use my time wisely and focus on these areas: 
  • Devotions
  • Home management
  • Preparing my son's transcript (Yes, I know I should have started that a loooong time ago.)
  • Organizing photos
  • Scheduling time to sew
On one hand while time flies by, there are many times that time seems to creep by slowly. There have been a few situations in my life in the past couple of years that I honestly wonder if God even knows I'm alive. I feel like I have been waiting forever for God's timing, which isn't coming soon enough for me!

So while I working on using my time efficiently my biggest focus for this year is to wait for God's time and to put my trust in Him instead of fretting and worrying about when His time is going to come.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. Ecclesiastes 3:11a


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Word for 2014

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  1. So very sweet. I like the word time actually, makes me remember that I need to use my time wisely.

    When I read about you waiting for God's time, funny how we are different, I read it as you have done what you are meant to do in our world and God's time is bringing him home to him.

    Seeing photos, I think a goal for me is to find away to print off and relive the memories, I actually do not love the new world of technology, I miss photo albums, need to get back to it.

    Happy New Year, wish you a blessed one.

    Marce from Tea Time with Marce



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