Thursday, July 3, 2014

J is for June Madness (ABC Blogging)

Ben and Me

March Madness 2

June has always been one of my favorite months, but the last few years we have had extremely busy Junes and this year was no exception! Here is a look our crazy June madness:

1. Since Caleb was graduation this year my parents decided to drive out to Oregon from Wisconsin. They arrived right at the beginning of June and we were blessed to have them for 2 1/2 weeks. Since we still had baseball going on and other events happening I felt that I couldn't spend as much time with them, but thankfully they took it all in stride. 
2. & 3.  My dad loves to do things around the house and now that we finally own a house he was jumped in finding little things he could do. He put bigger shelves in my upstairs linen closet (putting Caleb to work to) and then also put more shelves in there where I stack my dirty clothes baskets. It was nice to finally not have 6 baskets all over the floor in there with clothes landing in all the wrong baskets!
4. Caleb's graduation.
5. My mom and dad took Chantry and Delani to Silver Falls where they tromped around and took a lot of pictures.
6. Caleb's baseball team was a little low on players this year and for part of a game Chantry was able to play with Caleb. A friend caught this picture of Caleb instructing Chantry.
7. & 8. We have a big homeschool used curriculum sale here in town every year. This year I ended up being able to help and brought Caleb and Destini along, too. Caleb carried books in and out and Destini was put organizing the fiction section where there were about a gazillion (her words) books. I asked her if there was any books that she might want to purchase and she told me she didn't even want to look at book, period! 
I was also to attend the Oregon's homeschool convention in Portland. I enjoyed it, and got a few things that I needed and then some things that I probably didn't really need, but the price was right!
June Madness 1

9.We also hosted a graduation party a week after Caleb's graduation. 
10. Chantry celebrated his 12th birthday. My mom and dad left a couple of days before his birthday but we celebrated early by going to Famous Dave's.
11. Destini got baptized on Father's Day.
12. Shade's Father's Day gift was a Trident phone case for his phone. Even though he had a case it didn't protect the jacks from the elements and there is a lot of dirt and dust when he drives his truck. Now it is all protected.
13. The last baseball game of the year was cancelled due to rain. Delani was very upset. So after dinner we headed to Winco and got ice cream cones for everyone. Life definitely got better.
14. & 15. After baseball season they have a big potluck and an awards ceremony where the kids receive a scrapbook page with their team name, their picture, and a team picture on it. Also, a Spirit Award is given out for each team. This year, Caleb and Chantry, both one the Spirit Award for their teams. 
16. Raspberries from our Razzle Dazzle Raspberry bush that we planted this year.
17. June always ends with my birthday. This year I received an early birthday present when I came home to find a rose bush, candy, and a cake all ready for me, plus the house was all picked up! Yep, life is good, crazy at times, but good!
So that was our crazy month of June. I'm hoping July will slow down, though this first week so far has started off with a bang so we will see.

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