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Go Science from Library and Educational Services (TOS Review)

Go Science Review

Last summer I had brought a couple of the Go Science (Series 1) DVDs home from our local homeschool library and they were a big hit. I was excited to find out that we could review 2 DVDs from Go Science (Series 2) offered by Library and Educational Services.

Go Science Review

Go Science Series 2 is a series of DVDs that present science in a way that is engaging and at the same shows how physical or chemical science points to our Creator. These DVDs feature Ben Roy who has teaches science methods at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He also has produced science lessons for the Weather Channel,, and a Christian satellite broadcasting network. You can tell he is very passionate about science and giving glory to God when he closes every episode with “Every time we learn more about science, we learn more about our Creator God!”

Go Science Series 2 consists of 7 DVDs which include such topics as:
  • Sound
  • Life Science
  • Air
  • Motion
  • Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Water
  • And much more
Go Science ReviewGo Science Review

We were able to review Volume 4: Motion, Friction, Electricity, andLight and Volume 7: Engineering, Design, and Flight. In Volume 4 the subject of motion with experiments that included a tablecloth trick, bouncing balls, a bowling ball, marbles, and more. Then it goes on to teach about friction, electricity, and light.

Volume 7 is about Engineering, Design, and Flight. While learning about the subjects of engineering and design and saw experiments that focused on how much different types of objects held, the Leaning Tower of Lyra, and how to balance 10 nails on 1. Then the experiments focused on flight with three different types of rockets and toilet paper on a paint roller. (Weird, I know, but a truly fascinating experiment!)  

When we received these in the mail, Delani (6), recognized them and immediately zoomed off to the playroom to watch them—which she did over and over and over. Chantry (12) watched them with her, though not so many times. Go Science is for ages 6-10 though I think the whole family will enjoy them. My teens had plenty of extra comments that are non-science related, but many times they were pretty amazed at the final result of an experiment. 

I found most of the experiments fun to watch and I appreciated all the scientific terminology that was used. I also appreciated the focus on how we learn about science we are learning about God. One of the biggest things that stood out to me is that these would make excellent object lessons. Not only does Ben Roy give glory to our Creator, but he also takes these experiments and applies them to daily Christian living. 

The Go Science DVDs have more use than just entertaining your children. You could use them in co-ops, Sunday School, VBS, and so much more. I also appreciated when Ben Roy pointed out if an experiment could be done at home (don't worry, he also points out the ones you shouldn't do at home) and these could be done for science projects. I plan on having Chantry to one or two for his presentations in co-op next year.

The biggest thing I appreciate about these DVDs is that they make science fun and approachable. They would make an excellent resource to your current science program, or even by just watching them you could find books to fill out the lessons and they research more on the topic and use the scientific method to come to their conclusions. Theses DVDs are so versatile you can't go wrong by adding them to your collection!

The Go Science (Series 2) DVDs are available at Library and Educational Services for $59.82 for the whole series or $8.97 for a single DVD. 

And by the way, let me put in a plug for Library and Educational Services. If you are not familiar with them you must remedy that immediately. Library and Educational Services is a wholesale distributor that serves wholesale buyers including homeschoolers by offering their stock 30-70% everyday. I have purchased many things through them and can't recommend them highly enough!

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