Thursday, June 26, 2014

I is for Ironing (Blogging Through the Alphabet)

Ben and Me

Ironing 2
Yes, I know I have to be a dying breed, but I have ironing. Most people tell me that they have been delivered from it or that they don't buy clothes that don't need ironing and I would love to say that was me, but this is one thing that I just can't get away from. Don't even ask me why, because I don't find ironing therapeutic in the least!

I do try to get a lot of things out of the dryer and hung up to make my ironing pile smaller, but there are just articles of clothing that don't come out to my taste. For some reason I feel a lot more put together if my clothes and my family's clothes are wrinkle free. So until I get really blind and can't see my clothing I'll continue to iron.

 Ironing 1 

I had also hoped in our new house that I could leave my iron set up, but there just wasn't a spot for that. So for now it is pull it out of the laundry room, set everything up in the kitchen and iron away. It does give me time to listen to some great podcasts liked Sarah from Amongst Lovely Things Read-Aloud Revival podcast.

On a side note: Investing in a good quality iron does makes a huge difference. When buying an iron don't settle for cheap.


  1. I'm not a hardcore iron-er. We just got a dryer with a steam cycle, and that helps a lot. I have to says though, that I do love my Rowenta iron! :)

  2. I actually enjoy ironing! Not as much now as I did during my newlywed years, but I still like it. I just do a lot less of it now - out of necessity. I used to iron practically everything except socks and underwear. LOL

  3. I iron Mr. J's shirts. I can see my tv from the laundry room so I generally put on a movie while I iron.



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