Friday, April 18, 2014

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: This and That

April 18 Collage

1. & 9. While practicing french knots for Destini's cross-stitch picture we opened up my embroidery box. Delani got so excited that there was extra fabric and thread that she wanted to try her hand at sewing.

2. The microwave has been put in! Yeah, now the kids can get their own lunches. I went with a very basic model but the we are all amazed at how quiet it is from the one that was in our old house.

3. Catching up on laundry. I am going to hate to see my water bill!

4. & 7. We have had some nice weather and the kids are enjoying how private our driveway is. In fact, I haven't had to nag any of them about going outside. They are wanting to head out on their own. In picture 7 you can see that our driveway goes down quite a ways. They have been riding their bikes and scooters up and down and using the front of the driveway for basketball (that is why our vehicles are sitting so far from the house.) Their favorite thing is the privacy they are afforded and not having to worry about traffic.

5. The teens at our co-op had ice cream sundaes on Thursday and I came home with a lot of topping left over so we went and bought ice cream and whipped cream and have been enjoying our own sundaes. Usually it is just ice cream so all the extra toppings are something special.

6. I have a shoe shopping diva in the form of a 6 year old girl. Here are Delani's new shoes for Easter. They had to have a heel on them and they had to click when she walked. Nothing less would do.

8. Destini is busy working on quilting her quilt. She has a little less than two weeks to get it finished so last week and next week she will spend a lot of time sewing!

In our homeschool world:

I had the kids pull out their math and start working on that. We also have been working on the TOS Review Crew items. Since the ACTS Student Convention that the kids are competing in will be at the end of April and beginning of May we have been focusing on their projects. We will get back to all our books in May.

My big goal this week is to figure out where I am going to keep all the homeschool books. In our old house we had them in the dining room by our table, but in our new house we don't have room there. My options are the living room (I don't think I'll like how it looks since it tends to get messy) or in the playroom (that means I have to walk to a different part of the house every time I need a book). Choices, ugh!

One more random photo which I found on my phone. I have no clue what my kids (along with Hannah, who I claim) were doing but it made me smile.

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  1. Sounds like things are getting settled in your world. We live on a dead end street, so I can relate to your feelings about your driveway. I love having a semi-private and safe place for my kids to play! I love Delani's new shoes! That's too cute about her wanting them to click. I can remember tap dancing in my patent leather Sunday shoes when I was a little girl. Love the last pic!

  2. I love the pic collage & how you break it down! That looks like laundry day at our house too...I'm very bad at keeping up with it.



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