Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - Happy 6th Birthday, Delani!

Delani B'day Collage
On Wednesday, Delani celebrated her 6th birthday. Things are still very hectic as we were still in the process of cleaning out our old house (a rental) and getting everything into our new home.
1. On Tuesday we went to Famous Dave's for her birthday dinner.
2. Enjoying her ice cream.
3. On Wednesday we celebrated her birthday in shifts. I cleaned our old house most of the day and then came home and made a quick dinner and she opened her presents.
4. Shade and I headed out again to clean some more. We finished the day off with her birthday cake--Strawberry Shortcake. (She likes her candles to be in the cake before adding the strawberries to it.)

April 12 Collage
As I mentioned in a previous post that we have bought a house. We spent the last weekend moving and all of this week getting odds and ends out of our old rental home and getting it cleaned up. The old house felt like I had a black cloud hanging over me all week. It seemed liked I kept finding one more thing to clean.

Not much has been happening in the way of school work. A lot of real life has happened though. I'm not sure what will happen this week since I don't know if I can lay hands on everything. I will not be writing any posts on how to move, since I have to be the poster child of the world's worst mover. Anyhow, here is a collection of pictures I have collected over the past week.

6. I discovered this on the white board after we had signed papers on our new home. 
7. The evening we got the keys to our house we ripped out flooring that had some water damage and the following day new carpet was laid down. 
8. Our new refrigerator.
9. Our only decent meal we have had since we moved in. Needless to say I am failing completely in the dinner department. To top it off I have had to be pretty creative for lunch time too since we are operating without a microwave. I also know I am missing at least one box of food which no one seems to know anything about. Am I the only one this happens to?
10. In the midst of all this craziness baseball started this week. Oh, and to make life even better the pollen count has been high which makes me feel miserable.
11. As you can see my living room is still a mess. I spared you the horror of the kitchen!

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