Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesdays with Words (Cold Sassy Tree)  


I was in need of an audio book for my trips back and forth to work (can't waste any time, you know) when I saw this treasure nestled among all the other junk on the library shelf so I grabbed it and ran. I have read this before and it just as good as I remember.

 This portion is right after Will Tweedy is "run over by a train".
     Tears were streaming down Papa's cheeks. He had his straw hat across his chest like folks do when a Confederate veteran's funeral procession passes on its way to the graveyard. I stared up at him, tears wetting my own cheeks. Suddenly he knelt down beside Mama, put his hat on the floor, grabbed my right hand in both of his, and held on like he'd never let go. I couldn't help it; I sat up and threw my arms around my daddy's neck. He held me tight for a long time, till I quit shaking. He didn't say a word.
     Papa hadn't hugged me I don't reckon since the day I was twelve years old.
     Well, he put his arms around Mama. "Oh, Hoyt," she whispered. "The little grave we've got in the cemetery...I don't think I could stand it if--oh, Hoyt, our boy is alive!" Then she grabbed aholt of me and cried like I was dead.


  1. It's been years and years since I've read this one (actually, I listened to it). It is a good one!

  2. I loved this book. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. My sister recommended this book to me years ago. I'd forgotten about it.



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