Friday, January 3, 2014

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: Random 5 on Friday

 1. My mom and dad arrived just in time for Christmas. 2. My brother 
and I bought the American Girl doll, Molly, for my mom's Christmas 
present. 3. & 4. Christmas dinner and dessert. 5. I caught  Delani 
taking a catnap on Papa's lap. 6. Destini made a pillow case for a 
friend. 7. Putting a puzzle together. 8. My reading goals for 
2014. 9. Poor Chantry is under the weather.
  1. It is hard to believe that Christmas and the New Year has been ushered in. My vacation is sadly ending and starting up schooling is looming right around the corner. (I am not ready!)
  2. We were blessed to have my parents here for Christmas. They flew in late on Christmas Eve and we actually had our family Christmas on Christmas Day instead of Christmas Eve. I even survived making Christmas dinner. My dad went home yesterday and we get to enjoy another week with my mom.
  3. I have done way too much after Christmas shopping, but have had a blast doing it. It is fun to go shopping with my mom.
  4. I love seeing my kids interact with their grandparents.
  5. I hate seeing my kids getting sick. I get very frustrated.  
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