Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Saga of the Starr Christmas Tree

Tree Collage
We finally got the Christmas tree up and decorated. Yes, it took three whole days, but it is up. I don't know why it takes so long and there are moments that I wish I had a fairy godmother to wave her magic wand and--poof--it is decorated, but alas, that doesn't happen around here!
We have an pre-lit artificial tree and last Tuesday Caleb and Shade pulled the tree out and put it together only to find out that half of the lights didn't work. Shade worked on it all evening and couldn't find what the problem was except that it was worn out. Well, there wasn't money in the budget for a new tree and I briefly entertained the thought of a real tree, but threw that idea out quickly.
Fortunately, we still had a box full of lights left over from the last tree we had. I need to briefly explain here that him putting the lights on the tree has always been point of contention for me. Through out our married life he always works so hard at putting them on (the way I tell him I want them) and then we I go to finish decorating even though I try so hard to ignore them and just decorate the tree I usually ended up restringing them. Well, with that though in mind I wasn't very thrilled, but this year I resolved that I wasn't going to restring them.
So Wednesday evening Shade and the kids went through all the lights and strung them on the tree. The next step was for me to put on the red mesh.. Since it was so late Wednesday I deferred the job to Thursday. When we got home from co-op on Thursday our furnace had decided to quit working and putting mesh on the tree with my winter coat on wasn't an option!
Thankfully, the heat came back on and when we got home from church I put the red mesh on the tree, the kid's put on the ornaments, and I finished it up with the gold mesh. It was late, but I had some very happy kids.
Please note: I DID NOT restring the lights and neither did I rearrange any ornaments (a first)! Amazingly, my kids have figured out how to get them spread all over the tree rather than in one spot.
So there you have it, the Saga of the Starr Tree. It is pretty sad it takes so long to decorate, but I guess that fall under my "life happens" motto.

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  1. Well, I am totally with you on Christmas tree angst. I don't really enjoy decorating for Christmas, mostly because my house is almost always a mess. The best part is looking at all the ornaments we've been given (& have given to our children) over the years, but beyond that, I don't care much about it.



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