Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: Happy 18th Birthday, Caleb!

Birthday Collage
 1. The birthday boy! 2. Look at all those candles!!
3. Gifts 4. Hunting knife from Papa & Granny.

Somehow in this crazy thing called life I found myself the mother of an 18 year old. Yes, Caleb turned 18 on Saturday. It is hard to believe since it hasn't been that long since I was 18, maybe not so in real life, but in my spirit!
We kept his birthday low key since he will also be having a graduation ceremony in the spring. On Friday we went to Famous Dave's for dinner along with his Granny and Papa Starr. He received a hunting knife, which according to them he can use next hunting season. We'll see what happens. (Though my husband was raised in a hunter's home he didn't get the hunting gene.)
Saturday evening we had a small celebration with our family and friends, Hannah and Sarah. He received a lot of goodies. His favorite is his new basketball. My favorite (and funniest) was this:
In other news: 
December 13 Collage
 1. Delani working on letters. 2. Caleb's invention. He was cooking 
tortilla's and attached a fork to the handle of the spatula so he could 
poke holes in the tortillas. 3 - 6 - Co-op Christmas Party 
7. Game night.

Our biggest thing in our homeschool was the Christmas party for our co-op. The kids had the opportunity to do several crafts together. Later the teen group did a White Elephant gift exchange and played the Christmas Candy Ball Game. The younger kid's did "Winter Olympic" activities for PE and then they also had their own Christmas Candy Ball. 
We have been faithful in doing school work, but I think this coming week the focus in just going to be on math, reading, and Circle Time reading. This is so I can focus on a few things before Christmas comes. We will be having quite a few celebrations coming up, plus my parents will be coming for Christmas.
How about you? Are you still doing school work or taking time to enjoy the Christmas season?

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