Monday, October 7, 2013

Reading Journal: Daniel Plainway: Or the Holiday Haunting of the Moosepath League by Van Reid (Moosepath League Series)

Book Description:
It's Christmastime in nineteenth-century Maine and Daniel Plainway makes it truly a season of good will. Portly, jovial Tobias Walton and his guileless companions in the Moosepath League are caught up in a rollicking adventure with a panoply of vivid, charming characters whose paths cross that of country lawyer Daniel Plainway. When Mr. Plainway learns that the stolen portrait of a deceased friend has been recovered and that her lost son may still be alive, he begins a search that leads him to the kidnapped boy and several life-changing experiences.
My thoughts:
This is the 3rd book in the Moosepath League Series and I'm still enjoying paragraph I read. In this installment Mr. Daniel Plainway who is interested in the portrait that was discovered and the little boy, Bird, who was rescued in  Mollie Peer. Of course Mr. Walton is not idle and he and Sundry Moss have set off on a new and hair-raising adventure which includes trying to decipher writing left from the Vikings.

The Moosepath League are put in charge of delivering an important missive which then leads them in their own adventure including a snowball fight and dealing with another "league"--the Dash-It-All Boys. Eventually everyone's paths cross and they end up at an old mansion where many mysterious things are happening.

Daniel Plainway is not only full of humor, but it contains quite of bit of adventure and suspense. It was hard to put the book down. Who can resist a story that includes snowball fights between grown men, a ghost who wanders a house and sings, missing jewels, a hat, a mysterious locked door, and such fascinating names as The Dash-It-All Boys, The Norumbega Club, Parley Willum, Isherwood Tolly, Capital Gaines, and a dog named Moxie? Oh, and if you need a little romance in a story you will find that here too! Highly recommended!!

Here are some quotes that I shared in my Wednesday with Words post.

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