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Reading Journal: Mollie Peer: Or the Underground Adventure of the Moosepath League by Van Reid (Moosepath League Series)

Book Description:
In the second hilarious adventure of the Moosepath League, Mollie Peer, the feisty society columnist for the Eastern Argus, follows up on a lead she hopes will win her that elusive promotion to reporter. But when her pursuit of a little street urchin named Bird and his dangerous captors lands Mollie in danger, she is thrown together with the hapless, if lovable, members of the Moosepath League in a mission of mercy that takes them from the underground of the Portland waterfront to a perilous night pursuit on the October coast. Filled with old-fashioned adventure, wonderment, and romance, Mollie Peer is an enthralling tale about the triumph of simple kindness that readers will want to curl up with while discovering the delights of Van Reid's magnificent storytelling.

My thoughts:
I found Mollie Peer: or The Underground Adventure of the Moosepath League by Van Reid just as delightful if not more so than Cordelia Underwood.

The imperturbable Mr. Walton and his man, Sundry Moss,  head off to visit Miss McCannon and enjoy an unique journey that includes an old Indian, a man with a strange difficulty, the Society of Great Quibblers. In the meantime, Mollie Peer, gets herself mixed up with a little waif called Bird and a baseball player, Wyckford O'Hearn. Enter in the Moosepath League, Ephram, Eagleton, and Thump, who are brought in to keep Bird safe.

If you didn't have enough excitement with Mr. Walton's strange journeys, you won't be bored following the Moosepath's League as they are being followed by a man determined to get Bird back. They go from one rollicking adventure to another, without a clue of the evil that surrounds them while they try to keep their charge in their care. Eventually, they fail, but never fear--right prevails in the end.

Honestly, these books make me laugh! The Moosepath League are just an accident waiting to happen, but you can't help but cheer for them as they attempt to succeed in their task. Mollie Peer if full of suspense, adventure, and great characters, including Mr. Walton and The Moosepath League, whichyou haven't become acquainted with them, I highly recommend rectifying that immediately.

Here are just some fun passages:

     "High tide at eleven forty-eight," announced Thump, though he was somewhat distracted. He was musing again over the anatomic structure of cows. He had never been very close to one. p. 17

     "Good heavens!" he [Mr. Ephram] shouted. "Sinister forces bent on using him for their own nefarious schemes!" p. 220

      It has been noted, in photographs of the Moosepath League's charter members, that Thump described a certain blocky aspect; he was, it has been said, nearly as broad of shoulder as he was tall, which is something of an exaggeration. Nevertheless, once he had taken a complete somersault and tucked himself into a self-protective ball, he was of a shape conducive to rolling down the slope; and this is what he did, with extraordinary speed. p. 268

And a final passage showing their customary conversation:

     "November is expected to open with fine weather," said Eagleton, quoting from his Farmer's Almanac. "Tomorrow, in fact, promises continued fair, with light winds in the southeast."
     "High tide at thirty-three minutes past six o'clock," said Thump.
     "It is now eleven minutes past one o'clock," said Ephram p. 329

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  1. I had trouble getting into Cordelia Underwood. (There was way too much going on in my life at the time.) Sounds like I should give these books another try.



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