Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What's On Your Nightstand - July

What's On Your Nightstand
Another month has come and gone and I am dreadfully behind in posting book reviews. Another think to put on my ever growing to-do list. This coming month is going to be especially busy with a visit from my mom and dad, a small vacation, and homeschooling planning, and planning an Economics class for a homeschool co-op and yes, my knowledge of economics basically consists of 'what comes up must come down'--scary, I know! My picks for August may be a little generous for the time I have, but for now these are my goals.

August Nightstand:

From June's Nightstand:
I also read:
  • Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government by Glenn Beck - Yeah, I know this is NOT my typical reading. Honestly, I can't stand to listen to any kind of talk radio so thus I avoid Glenn Beck, but I really enjoyed this book. Very insightful on what is happening in our government today. I think what also makes this book appealing is how colorful the pages are and the illustration included which make it easier to read than just a normal book.
  • Parenting From the Heart by Marilyn Boyer  - A mother sharing a heart about parenting. Filled with lots of illustrations from her years of parenting along with homeschooling the author offers a lot of encouragement to a homeschool mom.
Booklets from my Kindle: Freebies from my Kindle. Short, sweet, and even though I can't say they were profound reads I can truly say that I think I found little tidbits in each one to help in our homeschool journey.

I listened to:
Appointment with Death: A Hercule Poirot Mystery by Agatha Christie - Sloooowly, making my way through Poirot's stories.

See what others have read over at 5 Minutes for Books.


  1. "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy" - very informative. I had both my girls read it for economics class. And I enjoyed reading it myself. And I loved "The Merchant's Daughter"--happy to see you are reading it.

  2. I don't listen to talk radio, either, and the title is kind of a turn-off, but the book by Beck sounds interesting.

    I've read other books by Mahaney and have that one but haven't read it yet.

  3. Raising Kids for True Greatness sounds intriguing.

    I hear you on struggling to get the reviews written!

  4. I enjoyed Girl Talk and Delight-Directed Learning too. I've always wanted to read Penny Candy, someday I will! And I agree with Carrie...Raising Kid for True Greatness sounds very interesting! Great list!

  5. I keep wanting to write full reviews and often time just passes too quickly! Some of the freebie short books are great on Kindle...and make me feel like I accomplished something!



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