Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's On Your Nightstand - June

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What's On Your Nightstand
I am running late in getting this posted. You would think with only two kid in the house this week I would be on top of it. I picked out five book, but I can't say I feel overly committed to reading all of them. If I find something that just reaches out to me I may pick one of those up instead. We will see.

My June Nightstand:

From my May Nightstand:
I also read:
  • Johnny Tremain* by Esther Forbes (review)
  • Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble by Ann B. Ross - Miss Julia is out to fix the everyone's world around her. Of course, she is always getting involved in something she should not be involved in.
  • Whose Body? (The Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries) by Dorothy Sayers - Another book finished off of my The Classic Club list. Review forthcoming
  • Brave Writer's Help for High School by Julie Bogart - A help for the high school student in writing essays. This is written to the student to do and work along with. Unfortunately, it is not a good fit for my student. 
I listened to:
  • Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie - Still working my way through the Poirot mysteries.
  • Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens - I loved this book. Another book for my The Classics Club List. Review forthcoming.
*Read alouds.

See what others have read over at 5 Minutes for Books.

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