Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: Happy 2013!

1. Caleb with his triple decker peanut butter sandwich. 2. Delani's new skirt. 3. Posing!
4. New fabric!!!! 5. Books I plan to read in 2013.

In my life this week…
It has been a couple weeks since I posted an update of the happenings in our house. Due to my husband's job and with Christmas and New Years falling on Tuesday it upsets our household a bit since he has to work on Saturday of these weeks. I always spent these two weeks confused on what day of the week it really is!

We had a real low key New Year's Day. Shade and boys were immersed in all things college football and the girls played. I went out shopping for a little bit and brought home some more fabric for spring skirts and dresses. Later we ordered in pizza and we finished it off with apple bars and pumpkin roll.

I spent a lot of time doing some sewing when I wasn't fighting a cold and the crud. When I started to get sick I had a hard time focusing on my sewing and  some of the projects I wanted to do went by the wayside, but I still got quite a bit accomplished. I was able to make a skirt for Delani but my biggest accomplishment was making bedding for the trundle bed that we had my FIL make for Delani's Christmas present.

I put cut foam to put in the beds and then covered them in green striped ticking fabric. I had the hardest time getting these to fit just right. The first one I did was too small and then the other ones were too big (sigh). I finally left them a little big and started working on the fitted sheets. These weren't a piece of cake either. The green one turned out better than the pink one since I did that one second. The quilts, pillows and pillowcases were the easiest. This was the first quilt I've ever made with binding. Outside of the ticking fabric I used fabric I already had in my stash which made me very happy. (Tutorials used: Trundle Bed, boxed cushion, fitted sheet, pillows & pillow cases, & quilt)

6. Trundle bed with green ticking mattress covers. 7. Fitted sheets and pillows.
8. Finished with quilts. 9. Good night, Lizzy & Belle!

In our homeschool this week…
I actually had dreams of starting school this week, but personally I couldn't face it yet. My kids didn't need a break, but I did! On Wednesday though I announced that Math and free reads would start back up. Caleb also started up Spanish. Next week we are back at it full force.

I am inspired by…
A new year!

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
Outside of church and running errands we have been homebodies.

My favorite thing this week was…
Sewing and using my new Kitchen Aid hand mixer which my mom and dad blessed me with for Christmas.

Questions/thoughts I have…
Why do I need about two weeks off of schooling before I feel rejuvenated enough to do anything creative? I'd be a terrible candidate for year round schooling.

Things I’m working on…
The L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge for 2013.
My reading goals for 2013.
Taking down the Christmas decorations. I know many people already have their down, but we wait due to Shade's odd work schedule.

I’m reading…

Also check out the books I read in 2012 and my Top Reads of 2012.

I’m cooking…
  • Quesadillas
  • Spaghetti
  • Breakfast for dinner
  • Apple Bars
  • Pumpkin Rolls

I’m grateful for…
My church family.

I’m praying for…
Revival in our country and churches.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
I wasn't able to share before Christmas due to these being surprise, but these are the gifts I made before Christmas.

10 & 11. For my nephew: a car carrier with road and pockets to store them in.
12 & 13. A sewing case for traveling which I made for my mom since she does travel with her sewing. 14. A skirt for Destini.

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  1. I know what you mean about having to have time to feel creative. I feel the same way, and its why I ave a hard time keeping up with my scrapbooking. I love all the gifts you made! Our girls got doll beds for their American Girl dolls, but we bought them at Ikea.

  2. That trundle bed is so stinkin cute. Thanks for sharing and I am stopping by from ihomeschool network.



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