Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: October 1-6, 2012

Daddy reading to Delani.

In my life this week…
Life was again pretty normal. On Monday while Caleb was at his art class I went down to McDonald's and had an hour to spend reading and drinking a Dt. Coke. Tuesday afternoon I headed to the library to work and then proceeded on to my local homeschool mom's meeting.

 On Wednesday we had carpet cleaners arrive to clean the carpets in the whole house. This required that we move the big stuff out of the way, which we did downstairs and then we had to move all the little stuff up off the floor. I still don't know if everything is back in its place. I'll probably spend the next couple of weeks finding things in odd places or not finding it for months! (sigh) While the guy was cleaning the floors our door had to be opened which made the house freezing cold!! We had put our table into the kitchen and we were all crammed in there trying to do school work. Caleb bailed out to the garage for a while since the stain solution was making his allergies go crazy. They had a blast eating lunch. Caleb could open the refrigerator door and just hand food out of it. Chantry handing out the silverware and Destini put the dirty dishes in the sink. All this was done without leaving their chairs.

It has cooled off here, though the sun is still shining and the temperatures eventually rise later in the day, but it has made our mornings cold. On Friday I finally turned on the gas fireplace for a while to try to get the chill out of the air. I guess I'm going to have to pull down my winter clothes to get to a few sweaters.

In our homeschool this week…
Chantry started Lesson 8 in MUS Delta and on his review sheet he was re-introduced to double digit multiplication. This required taking time to go through it again and to make him find his graph paper to do the problems on. He made it through Lesson 5 in The Logic of English which was a review of  the first four lessons. He is doing really well in cursive. I don't know if it is because we changed programs or if he just needed some time to be ready for it.

Destini did five lessons in her Language Lessons, completed another lesson in spelling including taking a test and completed Lesson 7 in MUS Epsilon. She did a lot better this week remembering she is supposed to do her written narrations in cursive. She also completed The Peterkin Papers by Lucretia Hale for her free read.

They also listened and narrated on all of the books we read aloud from : George Washington's World, The Burgess Animal Book, Minn of the Mississippi, and Poor Richard. They listened to the next section of Robinson Crusoe. Destini is still not very impressed with this read. She first told me that Robinson Crusoe was a wimp and now she is moaning that he started a diary and repeated everything that she had previously read about.

I am inspired by…
My friend, Thelma, who calls herself the grandma of our homeschool mom's group, was our speaker and she is always inspiring. She talked about how to impart to our children what loving the Lord with all of our hearts, mind, soul, and strength. It was convicting and made me resolve to work on some things in my personal walk with God. In Jesus Name, I press on!!

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
Caleb had art class and Destini had piano lessons.

My favorite thing this week was…
Reading the rest of Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome to my kids.(Read my review.) Due to our confined space we finished our work pretty early. We spent the remaining time on Wednesday afternoon  finishing up the book. The kids absolutely loved it. I wish we had more days like that.

What’s working/not working for us…
I have been trying to incorporate a morning/circle time with my kids and boy, has this been a tough think to establish. We are using Balancing the Sword Vol. 1, a devotion book, and then alternating between spelling aloud using Natural Speller, reading a chapter in The Fallacy Detective or reading some poetry.

Things I’m working on…
Outside of rearranging my house, I haven't done very much. Next week I plan on participating in the Kid's Clothes Week Challenge and hopefully will have something to show for it by the end of the week. I definitely need to do this considering I bought more fabric yesterday even though I have a pile in my closet waiting to be made into something.

I’m reading…

I’m cooking…
This week wasn't the greatest for cooking. We had homemade pizza, tacos, and hamburgers. On Wednesday I opted for Costco since my husband gets home late and we still had a house to put back together.

I’m grateful for…
Even though it is cooler the sun is still shining!

I’m praying for…
Our church--we are in desperate need of a miracle.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Here we are all crammed into the kitchen on Wednesday.

If you look at Caleb's arm you can see him reaching into the refridgerator and eating at the same time.

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  1. That's one of the tough things with homeschooling--if the house is a mess or has work going on schoolwork can be tough! It looks like you managed it well.
    A morning meeting was hard for us to, but I feel like we're getting it this year. It does seem to start us off on the right foot. A little devotional, poetry, and prayer.
    Good luck!



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