Thursday, October 18, 2012

Reading Journal #23: At Home in Mitford & Elegy for Eddie (Audio Books)

At Home in Mitford: The Mitford Years, Book 1 | [Jan Karon]

At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon, read by John McDonough

My thoughts:
I have these series sitting on my shelf and I was trying to decide if I should keep them or donate them to the library. I don't keep a lot of newer adult fiction unless I really, really like it, so that they were sitting on my bookshelf said a lot.

I decided to re-read At Home in Mitford by listening to the audio version. I do have to insert here that at first I was disappointed at the narrator. From previous experience I had never liked John McDonough's voice and style. It took awhile, but I finally warmed up to his voice and by the end I began to enjoy his narrating to the point that I wouldn't hesitate to get the next book in the series on audio.

Now back to Mitford--Honestly, I forgot how appealing and heart warming this story is. The characters and setting seem so real.  I want to live in Mitford. Now that I think about it I may know a few of the people mentioned. Jan Karon has weaved a masterful story! This is fiction at its finest! Oh, and I decided my books will remain on the bookshelf after all.

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Elegy for Eddie: A Maisie Dobbs Novel, Book 9 | [Jacqueline Winspear]

Elegy for Eddie by Jacqueline Winspear, read by Orlagh Cassidy

My thoughts:
This is the 9th Maisie Dobbs book and this is a series that I have listened to every story except the first. Maisie ends up looking into the death of a man who lived in her neighborhood where she grew up. What she uncovers is a fight that is taking place on the home front of England. But this is a fight to save England due to a certain man who has taken power in Germany. Maisie solves the mysterious death, but is left with troubled feelings about the future.

I have really enjoyed this series and Elegy for Eddie did not disappoint. As always, Orlagh Cassidy does an excellent job of narrating.

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  1. I loved the Mitford series and hope to revisit them some time. I may check out the audiobooks.



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