Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Boy Meets Baseball!

Caleb after he had a run in with a baseball. I took this
picture at 1 am after we finally got home from the
emergency room and ophthalmologist office so he
was worn out.

Monday evening was quite eventful. I am copying what my husband posted on Facebook.
I would like to give the Lord all the praise and glory for touching my son! While playing baseball last night, he was trying to tag out a guy attempting to steal second base, long story short the baseball hit him directly in the eye and eye socket. With bleary vision and dizziness we prayed and then took him to the ER at Meridian Park Hospital, they found blood on the eye, a scratch, discoloration to the pupil, and a fracture to the optical bone (I think that it what they called it), so we had to take him to the Glaucoma Center at Good Sam's downtown Portland. I myself not knowing anything about this type of injury did not know what to expect, was this just normal or something serious? We had many people praying. After some tests and an ultrasound on the eye, the glaucoma specialist said that the scratch on the eye was gone, the blood on the eye was less then before thought, he expected the discoloration to go away, and the fracture would heal on its own. He said Caleb would be a bit sore and needed to wear an eye patch but that there was no structural damage to the lens and retina. When I got home from work this afternoon, he is sore, a bit of a black eye but seeing fine! You may say that I am just a freaked out parent, but I choose to say that God is good!
He is on a regimen of eye drops and tomorrow we will go back to an ophthalmologist (this time in Salem) and have it checked to make sure that it hasn't bled and there is no pressure. He has a nice bruise under his eye, but there is no swelling and quite honestly, it doesn't look that bad. Here is a picture I took from today. He is feeling much better and since he is smiling you have to look for the bruise.

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