Friday, January 13, 2012

Book Review: After Many Days: Tales of Time Passed by L.M. Montomery

Book Description:
L.M. Montgomery is beloved by millions of readers around the world as the creator of the irresistible Anne Of Green Gables books. Now, in this collection of eighteen rediscovered short stories, L.M. Montgomery explores the theme of postponement and the poignancy of "time passed." Many characters in these fine stories at last have a chance "after many days," to reconcile with an estranged relative, repay a kindness, or even wreak long-plotted revenge. Others discover how true love can survive great distances and long separation.

Devoted fans as well as new readers are sure to find that these sympathetic and humorous tales come vividly to life.

My thoughts:

After Many Days by L.M. Montgomery was one of my choices for the Lucy Maud Montgomery Reading Challenge hosted by Carrie at Reading to Know. Many of these stories, though with a happy conclusion, were quite sad considering all the wasted years that were spent in misunderstanding or unforgiveness. These short stories are very typical of Montgomery, but after reading many of her short story collections the stories sound very familiar. I can't find in my records that I had previously read this book, so it may be her other books have similar stories.

My favorite stories I read from After Many Days were Elizabeth's Child, The Price, and The Man Who Forgot.

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  1. She definitely has a style which makes her stories predictable after a time. But I don't mind. ;D (Obviously.) Spacing the reads helps me to relax and enjoy them every few years.



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