Friday, January 13, 2012

Reading Journal - January 13

This week I seemed to make slow progress in my reading, though I did get two books read. I read:

The Time In Between: A Novel by Maria Duenas

When I started reading this book I wavered back and forth for the first 200 pages or so if I really wanted to continue reading it. I found the first half very depressing but the second half was much better and the end was quite intense. Part of the story happens during the Spanish Civil War, something I haven't read much about, and leads up to the beginning of World War II.

The main character, after getting herself in a mess, makes a living as a seamstress and opens a successful clothing shop in Spanish Morocco. Later she goes back to Madrid and becomes part of the British resistance passing on vital information in an extremely creative way. I really felt this story could have been told in half the pages and it would have been a satisfactory read.

After Many Days: Tales of Time Passed by L.M. Montgomery

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