Saturday, February 6, 2021

Reading Journal - January 2021



  • Constable on the Hill - Nicholas Rhea - I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited since I could get a free trial. There were some books that I wanted to read. Needless to say I'm past the free trial and am still paying for it since I discovered this series. These books have improved as the series has continued. This are very gentle reads, but he has a great knack for capturing human character. These are in the vein of James Herriot and Miss Read books. 
  • Constable on the Prowl - Nicholas Rhea
  • Constable Around the Village - Nicholas Rhea
  • Constable Across the Moors - Nicholas Rhea
  • A Long Road on a Short Day - Gary D. Schmidt - I'm a big fan of Gary D. Schmidt, so when I saw he had new book out I quickly checked it out. This is a simple picture book about a simple (or not so simple) trade deal that I think small kids would really enjoy. 
  • The Reader's Room - Antoine Laurain - I'm not sure where I read about this book, but I thought the plot was interesting enough to check it out. Unfortunately, it wasn't my cup of tea.

  • Breaking Bread with the Dead - Alan Jacobs - I heard an interview with the author about this book. It sounded great, but when it was all said and done I was not impressed. While I agree with his premise, I found his writing hard to follow and his classic literature he draws from is obscure at least for this normal person.
  • The Clutter Connection: How Your Personality Type Determines Why You Organize the Way You Do - Cassandra Aarssen (audio) I love reading about personalities and this was an interesting listen. My only problem was that I could never identify my "Clutterbug" style. There is an updated book out that I have on hold so maybe it will be more helpful.
  • HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style - Elizabeth Holmes - Overall I enjoyed this book though they were problems with it. The first was that there wasn't enough pictures. I could have done with more pictures and less "thoughts". The thoughts were written like on a blog, which can be really distracting in a book. The section about the queen was the best part by far. Princess Diana was not too illuminating considering that Princess Diana was THE princess during my teen years. Princess Kate could have better coverage, but felt that the author wanted to promote Meghan Markle and her woes more, but honestly, how can we really know what Meaghan Markle's style is since she is----gone from the HRH?
  • Notes from a Small Island - Bill Bryson - This was an okay read. If it wasn't for his always bringing up delightful British place names and his monologue on sand I probably would have given it up.
  • Through Gates of Splendor - Elisabeth Elliot (audio) - I have a few Elizabeth Elliot books on my bookstand that I want to read, but I had never read Through Gates of Splendor so I decided to rectify that. The biggest thing I took away was their devotion to God--so convicting!
  • Welcome Home - Myquillyn Smith - I loved the author's first book, The Nesting Place, but found her second book, Cozy Minimalist Home disappointing. I'm not sure why I read this book since she still thinks the best way to add "cozy" to your home is blankets, pillows, and plants. (I do have blankets in my house, but not for decoration since most people in my house lay them on the floor, pillows also go on the floor, and plants--outside is where they belong!) I did come away with one good tip on entertaining, but other than that we are on two different wave lengths when it comes to decorating! (Which is why she is a published author on the subject, and I'm not.)

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