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Curriculum Choices for 2015-2016

Curriculum 2015-2016
We have just finished our 4th week of school and I have yet to post what we are doing this year. For some reason having older kids equals being busier and finding time to blog falls way down on the bottom of the list. We have basically delved into all of our subjects except for our fine art subjects. Here is a list of what we are doing maybe not so much for anyone's benefit but my own. So let's start with the students.

Delani 2015 
 Delani is 7 years old and is officially in 1st grade. Oregon just changed their compulsory age for school to 6 this year, but it doesn't go into effect until next year so she is the last bunch of kids who can enter 1st grade at 7. My plans for Delani last year which included learning to read were derailed, so this year that remains our focus.

Chantry 2015
 Chantry is 13 and is in 7th grade. This year he is learning to have to be more independent, especially in reading. He has always been paired together with his older sister, Destini, and again they will do a lot of the same though they may have different requirements on narrations and writing.

Destini 2015 
Destini is 15 and in 9th grade. She is my second high-schooler. My goal is to keep better records (or at least stay on top of them) than I did with her older brother. I still need to sit down and make sure I have enough credits for her this year. (Yes, I should have started off with that, but honestly I only have so much time.) Right now the work load is feeling heavy enough.

  • 1 chapter of the Bible along with the book Balancing the Sword 
  • a devotional book
  • Bible memory 
Chantry & Destini:
  • Personal Bible reading 
Language Arts: 
Reading has been a struggle for Delani. I have tried several programs with her and haven't had much success. On the flip side I also wasn't able to be very consistent with her last year so that is my big goal this year. So far so good (for being consistent--I'm not too sure about the reading).

Last year my older kids did Rod & Staff Grammar and by the end of the year I was burned out on it. So this year our grammar looks a little different.


  • We are working our way through the My Book House series. We currently are on Book 7. We also add in a lot of picture books. 
Chantry & Destini:
  • Poetry: AO suggested poets 
  • Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott 
  • English Literature for Boys and Girls by H.E. Marshall 
  • The Age of Chivalry by Thomas Bulfinch 
  • A Taste of Chaucer by Anne Malcolmson 
  • Watership Down by Richard Adams 
  • Plus a pile of AO Year 7 free reads 
  • Once we have a handle on reading we will probably add in some of AmblesideOnline's suggestion from Year 1
I know most everyone does Apologia for high school science, but it was not a favorite with my oldest and I just couldn't see Destini, who is very non-sciency, enjoying it. One thing I have learned from my first highschooler is--if the student hates it or just struggles with the curriculum then both student and parent will be miserable the entire time. So for high-school science we are approaching it with a "get it done" mentality.


History & Geography: 
For Chantry & Destini we are loosely following AmblesideOnline Year 7. The recommended book The Birth of Britain by Winston Churchill. I delved into this book over the summer and really felt it wouldn't be a good fit for my kids. Since we used Mystery of History Volume 1 last year I thought we would continue on and add other books. I'm not sure how complete my list is, but for now it will suffice.

Chantry & Destini:

The Extras: 
  • Artist Study 
  • Composer Study 
  • Hymns & Folksongs 
Chantry & Destini:

  • Art, Presentation, and P.E. 
Chantry & Destini:
  • Politics & Government, Shakespeare, and Art

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