Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesdays with Words (Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life - Part 2)


I just finished reading Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney which I really enjoyed. In the end of the book Whitney is summing up the importance of having discipline in our lives and how it relates to practicing the Spiritual Disciplines. This portion really hit close to home.
So if you are simply waiting until you have more time for the Spiritual Disciplines, you never will. In a card to my wife and me, Jean Fleming wrote, "I find myself thinking, 'When life settles down, I'll...' But I should have learned by now that life never settles down for long. Whatever I want to accomplish, I must do with life unsettled." I think that's a marvelous insight to the mundane. Because life never really settles down, because we will always have plenty of things to do, if we are ever going to make progress in Godliness through the Spiritual Disciplines it must be done when life is like it is now. (p.248)

 Wednesdays with Words (Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life - Part 1)


  1. I like this book on Spiritual Disciplines, although I don't like disciplines in general. My friend Heather and I have been talking about "having time" a little in our reading of Clarkson's Own Your Life. Thanks for sharing; a needed corrective this day :)



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