Friday, September 20, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: Random 5 on Friday (9/20)

The Pebble Pond

PicMonkey Collage
1. New vacuum--the other one literally melted! 2. Wow! Under the
kitchen sink is actually clean. 3. Doing an art project at Co-op.
4. Some goodies Destini and I picked up at the Quilt show.
1. In my life this week...On Monday we ended up watching two children from our church due to their little brother having surgery to attach electrodes to his brain. Thankfully, my husband took the day off work and that was a blessing. Amazingly enough we even got a majority of homeschool work completed.
I also had to have my house in ready to the exterminator to come out to spray. They wanted the under the sink area in the kitchen and bathrooms all cleaned out. I did the kitchen and then just said forget it. Our problems with ants have never been under any sink. Caleb cleaned out under the kitchen sink for me and the whole time he just grossed out. It wasn't THAT bad, but you know kids!
2. In our homeschool this week…I think we have our routine going pretty well. I still haven't added in our art and music study. I also need to add in writing. That is my goal for next week.

3. Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…Speaking of art study--check out these Art Question Cards that Barb at Harmony Art Mom created. These are definitely becoming a part of our art study.
4. My favorite thing this week was…You have to love what kid's pipe up and say. Here are a few that had me laughing:
Destini was making brownies and while cracking the eggs Delani pipes up and says, "If one is raw throw it away."
Chantry and Caleb were attempting to take down their bunk beds. In the midst of this Delani decided that they needed Dad to come and help. This is what I overheard next:
Caleb: Why did you call Dad? We are doing fine.
Chantry: We are???
Chantry had just come downstairs whirling a drill at Delani. She started hollering, "Mom, Mom, he's trying to unscrew me!"
5. Places we’re going. . .Destini and I slipped away and headed to Portland to go to the NW Quilt Expo. We looked at all the quilts on display and then went through the vendor hall looking for a quilt project for Student Convention next year. This field trip will be filed under "Home Economics". 

Senior Moment 3

This is the heart and soul of my son. Being a help to his dad and
working hard to help us raise up a church.
(He is preparing door hangers for outreach.)

Homegrown Learners


  1. Wonderful post! I love that in the homeschooling world, you can make just about any excursion a learning moment!

  2. I thought of you this week when my eldest daughter won 2nd place in sewing at the fair!



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