Friday, September 10, 2010

Book Review: Good Manners for Today's Kids by Bob & Emilie Barnes

Good Manners for Today's Kids: Teaching Your Child the Right Things to Say and Do

Book Description:
Bestselling authors Bob and Emilie Barnes are a couple committed to encouraging and inspiring others to build their families on a foundation of kindness and faith. With that caring goal in mind and biblical wisdom at heart, they present their best tips, ideas, and examples to help parents guide children of any age to:

-become better listeners and communicators with peers and adults
-reflect a compassionate and helping heart for others
-experience confidence in social situations
-show respect for God and others through actions and words
-display daily manners at the table, on the phone, at school, and anywhere

Filled with practical advice, this Barnes offering will strengthen parents, children, and families as they discover together how good manners make life more enjoyable while reflecting the love of God to others.

My thoughts:
In our household we have been dealing with a lack of manners, so I began a search for some ideas to implement into our house. I came across Good Manners for Today's Kids: Teaching Your Child the Right Things to Say and Do by Bob & Emilie Barnes at the library and checked it out.

Good Manners for Today's Kids: Teaching Your Child the Right Things to Say and Do is divided into six sections.The beginning of each section is directed tot he parent along with  afamily activity. The rest of the section is to read aloud or read by kids or shared together as a family. I found this book gave me food for thought and helped me think of ideas to help in laying down good manners. I probably won't use the read aloud portions since I don't think my kids will enjoy it. One frustration I had is that some of the manner ideas given seemed to be put in the different sections randomly. Overall, I found this a great resource to help spark some ideas that we will work on together.


  1. That sounds like an excellent resource! Hmm....we definitely (I can tell) are going to have to work on "The right things to say" and so I'd like to get my hands on a copy of this one! Thanks for reviewing it!

  2. Maybe I should at least check this one out. Whenever I talk to my urchins about the polite thing to say or do they give me blank looks. I'm not sure how well I model manners myself.



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