Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesdays with Words (Psalms 46:10a)

I love the idea of picking out a word for the year, but I always forget about it by April, so the last few years I haven't really focused on picking one out. (I may be weird, but I find trying to pick out a word is very stressful!) 

Over the Christmas holidays I went through a health scare and even though the doctor's were optimistic, it still left me fighting doubts and fears, especially through the waiting period of the tests. In the midst of this I was scrolling through Facebook and an advertisement for a sign with this scripture printed on it came across my feed and when I saw it it I knew it was my "word" for the year. 


I just read this post by Modern Mrs. Darcy and she summed up exactly what happened to me:
"Maybe I didn’t plan on choosing words for the year, but these words? They chose me."

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