Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Update - Part 1

2015 Summer Collage 1
1. We started our summer break with a visit from my mom and dad (pictured) and my in-laws. Back in March my in-laws along with my BIL and SIL moved to Minot, ND. They came back for my nephew's graduation so it a short and sweet visit. My parents spent about 2 1/2 weeks with us and even stayed a day or two longer to help with church service since Shade ended up suffering with a bout of kidney stones (including an ER visit). Even with all that, we had a lot of fun just being together.
2. Delani getting quality time with Papa.
3. Delani was trying to survive our hot weather that we had. I love hot weather, but this seemed to suck the brain cells out of my head. I think this is due to the fact that we don't have air conditioning. Oregon doesn't normally get very hot in June, but this year that wasn't true. So we had to suffer with our allergies plus the heat this year. Thankfully I think we are through the worst of the allergy season and we have had a break in our temperatures, but high temps are heading shooting up to hover close to 100 degrees this week. 
4. & 5. Chantry turned 13 years old!!!! For the next six months I will have three teenagers in the house. :)
6. "The Coach"--We finished up another season of baseball. Chantry has had his dad as his coach since we started which I think is pretty cool. 

7. After a 10 month break, Destini started piano lessons again. 
8. Yes, that is a lot of candles on that cake. Too many as far as I'm concerned!!
9. After our intense heat and I found that I could think I headed to my sewing room to get some sewing done.  This is one of the new skirts I made Delani. I will have another post sharing more of my completed sewing projects.

I notice that I didn't have any pictures of Caleb. He finished up a CAD class at the local community college and he also completed a non-credit welding class along with working at McDonald's. He works the counter and cooks along with unloading the truck twice a week and cleans several of the machines several times a month. He also helped his dad with coaching baseball.

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