Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesdays with Words (The Mitchells: Canadian Summer)

Canadian Summer - Exodus Books

Our latest read-aloud has been The Mitchells Series by Hilda von Stockum. We just completed reading book two in the series, Canadian Summer. In the midst of enjoying all of the children's adventures that they experience during their summer I came across this lovely description.

To give you a little background:  The Mitchell children are visiting Mr. Magee, an artist, who has invited them over for a party.
"...This is a pleasure to me. I don't often entertain children. And this is the loveliest time of the year. Have you noticed how beautiful it is everywhere? Isn't it as if the colors have voices, shouting a message to us? I can't keep up with it. God is a better artist than I am.

"Sometimes I think," said Mr. Magee, taking his glasses off and polishing them, "sometimes I think He starts every year again with clean white sheet of paper. That is during the winter and early spring. He draws the trees with their network of branches in pencil, then when spring comes, He puts the leaves and flowers in with pale watercolors. For the fulness of summer He starts in oils, and at last, to use up His palette, He throws every color He has on the canvas, and this is the triumphant end." (pp. 135-136)

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  1. What a lovely picture and idea! Thanks for sharing; hope you enjoy the book :)



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