Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Reading Journal: Hitty Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Fields


Book Description:
Hitty is a very special doll who belongs to Phoebe Preble. Phoebe is proud of her beautiful doll and brings Hitty everywhere she goes. This is thrilling for Hitty, who finds herself involved in the most wonderful adventures both on land and at sea. She meets many people and makes new friends.
This is the story of the first hundred years of Hitty's life. And that's only the beginning for a doll as special as Hitty.

My thoughts:
Hitty Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Fields tells the story of Hitty, a doll made out of mountain-ash, who becomes the property of Phoebe Preble. She enjoys many adventures while living with Phoebe including being captured by a crow, is miraculously saved from a burning ship, and is rescued from natives, only to fall from Phoebe's hands while in India. She spends some years stuffed in a horsehair couch before being rescued and going to live with a Quaker family. She went on to meet a famous poet, Charles Dickens, and then was put on display for an Exhibition. After many more adventures she ends her memoirs sitting in an antique shop.

This was a cute story and I was surprised how well I ended up liking it. It was a fun story. It was also interesting to see how many places she ended up going and all the things she did even if it included sitting in a hay barn for a while. Any girl who likes dolls or fun adventure stories would enjoy this story.

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