Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: A New Year's Update

It has been over a month since I have blogged about family happenings. Christmas came and we celebrated long and hard and just when it was time to start school again my parents came for a visit. My dad stayed for a week and my mom for two weeks. Of course not a lot of school was finished during that time, and this week finds us back to facing reality.

January 25 Collage 1
1. I had to buy this shirt for Chantry. If you can't see it clearly it says: "It is hard work being awesome." The whole shirt sums him up perfectly. He is the one who is always acting so worn out after doing the least bit of anything!
2. I caught Caleb hard at work one day. He is getting about 3-4 days of work. My only dislike is that he has one uniform. I am always trying to keep a load of dark clothes handy so we can wash his uniform.
3. My mom and dad.
4. We headed out to the coast one day (to go shopping, not to see the ocean) and for once it was really nice. The temperatures were up to 60 degrees and it wasn't very windy at all.
5. Destini has started a new cross-stitch picture. This time she will be adding beads to her project.
 January 25 Collage 2
6. After my dad went home we attempted to do some school work. Needless to say we didn't get very much finished!
7. Since our move we haven't found a place to hang our white board and I didn't realize how much we had used it in the past until this week while working on diagramming sentences with Chantry. My goal this week is to get it up on a wall.
8. The working man now has a checking account.
9. My mom flew home last Tuesday so after dropping her off at the airport we went to IKEA. I must backtrack at this point and tell how when we moved into our house in April I wanted to throw away all the blinds on the windows immediately. They were filthy and many of them had broken strings. I have an aversion to plastic mini-blinds since they are so hard to clean. I wanted either wood blinds or bamboo shades so I could just vacuum them off. When I went shopping for new blinds and saw the prices I decided it just might be awhile before that would happen. Needless to say I didn't clean the blinds in my bedroom until right before my parents came. Yes, I lived with them filthy for 8 months, but last week when I walked into IKEA I found wooden blinds for all the windows in our house that needed them for $10 a piece. I guess I should have cleaned my blinds back in April!
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  1. OH how I love IKEA and the great finds there. Love the pictures this week! Enjoy the week!



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