Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesdays with Words (Invading the Privacy of God)

In the chapter titled "The Pioneer of Our Faith", the author, Cecil Murphy, tells the relates a story that happened to him while living in Kenya, Africa. He agreed to take to take two friends to visit the Masai tribe. They took their car to the farthest point on the road and then their guide, Sangra, who had guided the author many times. Sangra pointed to a top of a hill and said, "Just over there."

Soon one hour turned into two hours as they walked through untrod ground. The American guests began to question the author about the reliability of Sangra, but he just continued to follow Sangra because he knew he could rely on him. The author likens it to:
"...what it mean to follow Jesus, the "pioneer and perfector of our faith." Scholars have translated it several ways, including author and finisher, but I like the concept of pioneer. When I call Jesus by that term. I think of him as the ground breaker, the one who goes ahead of us into the unknown. He blazes the trail for us." 
As they were making their journey one of the guest had pointed out a more gradual slope, but Sangra just shook his head and kept going. On their way back they discovered that on the other side of the gradual slope was a deep, rocky ravine. He says: 
"The guide who has been there before knows the way. As I meditate on that concept, it makes me realize the futility of my worries and concerns."
 Last week just seemed filled with worries and concerns, and though I know not to worry, it is hard not to.  When I read this I felt God's nudge reminding me yet again to just follow instead of trying to forge my own path. 


  1. I love this. It reminds me too, that he has been tempted in all ways yet had no sin. He is worth following. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, He has blazed a trail for us - even through death! Great post!



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