Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: Making Adjustments

Sept 27 - Oct 4 Collage 
Whew! I have a two crazy weeks. I had planned on doing a post last week, but I was just too tired to write up anything. So here is a look at what we have been up to:

1. & 2. Remember the apples from my last post? Something had to be done with them so we spent two different evening making applesauce and canning it and also just freezing apples for apple bars and apple pie. I only put up 100 lbs and am still trying to decide if I want to purchase another 50 lbs. Yes, I need my head examined.

3. Last Tuesday the boys had dentist appointments. Chantry was getting a filling and sealants and Caleb had a tooth refilled along with getting two wisdom teeth pulled. We brought school work and worked on it. Destini was behind in English so this gave us a good chance to do an extra lesson. It was kind of touch and go for a few minutes with Caleb's wisdom teeth and the dentist wasn't sure if he could get them out. Thankfully after a little bit more local anesthetics they came out. I almost fell over laughing when the dentist said it was a non-traumatic pulling (meaning not cutting). I know Caleb didn't feel that way.

Unfortunately for Caleb his week didn't get much better. He had to go to the dermatologist due to something on his head. She proceeded to pull out a shot and gave him three shots in.his.head! Let me tell you if he wasn't traumatized, I was!!

4. After all that trauma, I decided to not work on Saturday and Destini and I headed off to the NW Quilt Expo. Last year there was a booth that we really liked and we had bought a pattern from them that she is going to make for Student Convention this year. Unfortunately, they weren't there and we didn't see anything else, so we are still on the lookout for fabric. Anyways, we also did other shopping in Portland and just had a fun day together.

5. Not only did Caleb have to get his wisdom teeth pulled and see the dermatologist, we also had to get him registered for a class at the local community college. I am going to admit here that I am the poster child for how NOT to enroll your child in college. He had to take the entrance test and he chose to take a paper test, which required a three day period before getting the test scores.

So on Friday I am trying to figure out how to find out about his test scores. It took me awhile but I finally found them, called the college and found out they were doing walk-ins to see the advisors. We jumped in the van and drove down there and got him on a wait list to take a math class. (I want to input here that this homeschool mama was probably more nervous about his test than he was. I fought all those feelings of maybe I hadn't done a good job, etc. Well, it was needless after all. He tested in right where he should. Yes, I heard God loudly and had to repent!)

By Sunday night he was able to sign up for the class and on Monday he started his math class. His book is bought, class is paid for, and one of those expensive graphing calculators is now in our possession, the only thing missing is a chunk our of our savings account.

This week has been a big adjustment to our school schedule. Since he has class four days a week, I am having to leave in the middle of the day to drop him off and pick him up. Of course, this takes time our of my schedule with the other kids. We have spent quite a bit of time this week doing school work in the evening. I am hoping that we will find a rhythm that works with his schedule.

6. Ahh, the joys of English grammar! So this year we are doing Rod and Staff. Chantry did First Language Lessons last year so he is used to diagramming. I am also doing the writing portion (for now). I am doing this for myself. If it is in the book we'll do it--if it is in a separate book at the first sign of resistance I like to avoid it.

Rod and Staff is a big step for Destini. Now I know she can do this, but my word, all the complaining I have had to listen to. I finally handed her over to Dad, who taught middle and high school in a Christian school. He reminded me that some kids just like to question why that have to learn all about parts of speech etc. and it just comes with the territory. I do want to say that by the end of the week it did get better. :)

7 & 9. Delani working on building words. We have already taken a break from her reading curriculum and are just working on the first two Bob Books by building the words and writing them out. Have I ever mentioned I really dislike teaching reading?

8. When I was teenager I loved reading Grace Livingstone Hill books. (I had to--I had a mean loving mom who guarded very carefully what I read. Thanks, Mom!) I had collected over 70 of her books which I have carried around for years now. Destini was wanting something to read and I thought she would enjoy these and so she has. She ALWAYS has her nose in a book.

10. Today my family were sweet enough to give up their Saturday and come up to the library and help me. My pile of donations that I had to go through were atrocious. The books were laid 12 feet across and three feet off the floor. We spent six hours culling books, pricing, and shelving. I didn't get through them all, but I am hoping that it gave me a good start.

By the way, did you know that you can support your local library by donating your books? I highly recommend it!

When we got home I took the kids to 5 Guys for dinner for all their help and then we came home and finished off the remaining apple pie I had made Friday. 

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  1. My, what a busy couple of weeks! I'm glad that the dental work and dermatologist appointment all worked out for your eldest. Ugh! My dh handles the complaining better than I do, too. I loved GL Hill as a teen, too. My favorite book of hers was The City of Fire. What's yours?

    1. I would have to say The Strange Proposal followed by The Enchanted Barn.

    2. I think I read Enchanted barn, but if don't remember Strange Proposal. Hmmm. I also loved White Flower.



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